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Sudden Impact
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Sudden Impact
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Sullivan's Sudden Impact

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  • The best swine grooming treatment to date
  • An exceptional product to promote healthy skin and hair on show pigs
  • Restores natural oils and nutrients to animal skin
  • Will also help take the “red” out of dry skin
  • Brings life and vigor to dry, scaly skin and coarse hair
  • Recommended for use at home and shows that allow oil based products
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Highest Quality Show Product on the market

The product I am reviewing is the Sullivan’s Supply Sudden Impact aerosol conditioner for pigs. As someone who competes at county, state, and national levels, I take hair and skin condition in high regards for show prep. I have used a multitude of products, both purchased from other show suppliers and conditioners I have made myself. Even with a variety of other skin and hair conditioners out there, Sudden Impact is without a doubt that the highest quality product I have ever used.

What sets Sudden Impact apart from its competitors is clearly seen on show day. I have seen firsthand how the product makes black hogs very dark, which can be a challenge during the winter months when the sun is not out and pigs cannot go outside to soak in sunlight. Dry skin is not an issue when using with Sudden Impact and hair grows healthy and thick. It may not be the ideal product to heal skin; still, you will not find a product that will get skin as smooth or that can make hair as healthy.

Sudden Impact comes in a 16 oz can, and it surprisingly lasts quite a while. I usually can get a full can to last 4 days for 3 pigs. This is included in a regular conditioning schedule of applying in the morning and applying at night. I have never had a problem with the can not spraying properly, and the bottle engineers have a done an excellent job of ensuring you get an even and consistent application each spray. Always follow the one instruction on the bottle of, “Shake well,” so the product is well mixed before application. Also, the cap is not secure and will fall off frequently.

The can is big enough to hold an exceptional amount of product while still being able to fit in a show box. Sudden Impact is also cheap enough for any show budget. A 16 oz. bottle costs $8.50 and you can order a case of 12 bottles for only $98.00. The closest competitor sells their 14 oz. bottle for $9.10 and does not give you the option of purchasing in bulk.

Overall, Sudden Impact is the best product available to those pig show man who want to make a lasting impact in the show ring.

Reviewed on September 24, 2015 by , Ames, IA

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