Advance 7 Results


Advance Kid Milk Replacer 8 lb Bag


  • For Goat Kids
  • Contains Vitamins and Minerals
  • With Colostrum
  • All-milk Protein
  • Enhanced Flavor and Aroma

Advance Multi-Species Milk Replacer


  • For all young animals with added Lactobacillus
  • Begin using right after colostrum
  • Crude protein, min. 20.00%
  • For use on puppies and kittens, dogs and cats, foals, goats, piglets and calves
  • 10 lb Bag

Advance Multi Species Milk Replacer


  • Multi-Species Milk Replacer gets young animals off to a great start
  • High quality, multi-purpose milk replacer is designed for dairy and beef calves, baby pigs, foals, kids, puppies and kittens, llamas and alpacas
  • 4.5 lb Bag

Advance Wire Bottle Rack


  • A sturdy wire rack that holds 2-quart calf nursing bottles
  • Use to safely store bottles for nursing calves

Advance EZ Nurse Screw Cap Bottle With Nipple

$4.59 - $5.49

  • E-Z Nurse screw cap nipple
  • Strong & lightweight
  • Notched pint markers
  • Won't crack or break
  • Easy to clean and sanitize

Advance Goat & Kid Milk Replacer

$14.39 - $52.49

  • Instant mixing, all-milk protein, complete first feed for kids and goats
  • With emulsified fats, supplemental vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it provides the entire nutritional requirements of the baby goat from its second day of life through weaning
  • Acidified to prevent bacterial spoilage, providing a shelf life of up to 24 hours once reconstituted

Advance Lamb Milk Replacer

$15.99 - $51.99

  • Lamb Milk Replacer with Colostrum is an instant mixing, all-milk protein product.
  • Formulated to meet the entire nutritional requirements of baby lambs from the second day of life to weaning, allowing maximum growth rates when fed ad-lib
  • Acidified to prevent bacterial spoilage once reconstituted, giving mixed milk a shelf life of up to 24 hours