Allied Precision 9 Results


Allied Precision Pail Bird Bath Heater & De-Icer


  • 250 Watt
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Safe for non-metallic and metallic containers

Allied Precision Universal Drain Plug Tank De-icer


  • Fits all Tanks with 3/4 Drain Holes, steel or plastic Tanks

Allied Precision Temperature Controlled Outlet


  • Temperature controlled outlet
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Automatically turns on at 35-Degree F and off at 37-Degree F

Allied Precision Submersible De-Icer


  • Cast aluminum
  • Cool running aluminum base and teflon coated

Allied Precision Bucket Heater


  • Great for dip and sink bait
  • Foam floats treble up for better holdup percentage
  • Size 4 black nickel treble
  • 12" 20 lb leader

Allied Precision Snap-On Guard for Floating De-icer


  • Can be used with the floating, sinking, or 2 in 1 de-icers
  • Safe for Plastic Containers
  • Made of galvanized wire

Allied Precision Water Wiggler Agitator for Bird Bath


  • For bird baths to help attract birds and discourages mosquitoes
  • Agitator action creates continuous ripples in water
  • No wiring and no plumbing
  • Battery operated and solar operated versions available
  • May also be used in a heated bird bath during winter
  • Battery operated version uses 2 D-Cell batteries (not included)

Allied Precision 25' Heated Hose

$114.99 - $159.99

  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 5/8" Diameter
  • 1 year warranty

Allied Precision ClickShield Weather Resistant Cord Lock


  • Secures any 2 cords together, prevents disconnects
  • Has a unique ratchet mechanism: when you hear the "click", you know it's securely locked
  • Includes an internal gasket assures a water-resistant electrical connection
  • Great for any power tools, christmas lights, outdoor fountains and more