Buck Bomb 3 Results


Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus Spray


  • 5 oz 100% Natural Doe Estrus Urine in an aerosol can
  • Can be sprayed intermittantly or locked down to disperse entire contents
  • Great for use during the pre rut and rut to bring out sexual breeding behavior in mature bucks
  • UV light or oxygen cannot penetrate the can which would normally cause urine to degrade or go bad
  • Custom nozzle atomizes 1 drop of urine into 3000 particles enabling it to travel great distances downwind to the animals nose
  • Scent sticks to everything it comes in contact with such as leaves, trees, logs, grass, and crops leaving a natural scent trail right back to the source

Buck Bomb Doe "P"


  • Use both as attractant & strong cover scent
  • 100% Pure Whitetail deer urine
  • 5 oz Aerosol can

Buck Bomb Dominant Buck


  • 100% Dominant buck urine
  • Collected From mature bucks 4 years of age and older
  • Great to use during the pre-rut and rut
  • Brings out aggressive territorial behavior in mature bucks