Coburn 93 Results


Coburn Milk Bar


  • 9 Qt galvanized steel funnel with a removable 50 mesh brass screen
  • Non-swirl design has deeply formed ribs on the body to inhibit the liquid from swirling as its poured through the funnel for rapid filling
  • Funnel body side seam is lock-formed and spot-welded for added reliability and has a wire-reinforced top rim
  • 9 qt capacity
  • Includes removable screen
  • Will not crack or fade like plastic
  • Rust/fire/heat resistant
  • Made in USA

Coburn Quartermilker w/Safety Overflow Valve


  • Used to separately milk out an injected or injured quarter without interfering with the regular milking process
  • Useful in cases of high somatic cell count (SCC), injury, mastitis, or hemorrhage
  • This is the dairyman's assurance that affected milk is kept out of the milking system
  • When used properly, bulk tank bacteria and somatic cell cound may be reduced by preventing affecting milk from mixing with good
  • Features a larger jug, a wider-to-use and more durable lid, a more reliable comfortable plastic handle, and softer hose
  • Features a special safety valve in the lid which prevents milk from backing up the claw should the unit be knocked over
  • Includes lid with safety valve, a 2-gallon unbreakable, collapse-proof, anti-slip plastic jug, removable molded plasti carrying handle and two 20" soft molded rubber hoses

Coburn Caprine Feeder Bucket


  • Note: Feeder is shown with optional Bucket Holder Ring, available separately
  • This lamb and goat feeding bucket is the easy way to properly feed lambs and kids
  • Complete unit consists of 3.5 gallon polyethylene bucket with lid, ten nipples, ten feeder tubes plus tube-cleaning brush
  • Bucket is 10" high with top diameter of 12" and bottom diameter of 10.5"

Coburn ImmuCell California Mastitis Test Starter Kit


  • An easy, accurate and inexpensive cow-side mastitis test
  • Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction
  • Complete kit consists of 4-cup test paddle, squeeze bottle reagent dispenser, directions, and 16 oz. bottle of CMT concentrate, enough for 1 gallon of reagent

Coburn 16.9 oz Dynamint Blue Udder Spray


  • Saves labor
  • Blue color agent makes it easy to see which cows have been sprayed
  • Helps to reduce udder edema in the fresh cow and to reduce mastisis "flare-up" when detected early
  • Water-based emulsion of essential oils - calendula (marigold), peppermint, tea tree, and eucaplyptus - goes on as a fine spray
  • A fine, light, nongreasy mist covers the skin thoroughly and carries the oils deep into the tissue where they can go to work
  • Formulated to penetrate by osmosis and not to simply remain on top of the skin
  • Organic approved

Coburn Sheep Marking Harness


  • An invaluable tool at breeding time
  • Made of strong black nylon web
  • Water resistant
  • Fetures nickel-plated hardware
  • Attached to each harness is a molded nylon plate that holds crayon blocks
  • Unique angle of plate allows crayon to fit snugly and hold firmly in position
  • All corners are smooth and rounded and will not irritate rams or ewes

Coburn MAGNAFLEX® Medium-Bore Inflation For Surge Continental


  • Surge A-S Style MAGNAFLEX┬« Medium Bore liner replaces 10052 and 10084 liners for Continental shell
  • Pack of 4

Coburn Quartermilker Repair Kit - 2 Hoses & 1 Adapter


  • Includes: Rubber hose 3/8" x 20"
  • Multi-fit connect
  • Lid with safety valve
  • O-ring for lid
  • Ball and cap for safety valve
  • Does not include container or handle

Coburn Non-Siphon Plastic Water Bowl


  • No paddle to wear out
  • No jamming by hay and other debris
  • Adjustable water flow
  • 3/4" top and helmet inlets
  • U-Bolt mounting bracket sold separately
  • Antibacterial plastic

Coburn BradenStart Complete Nurser


  • Unique vertical-opening nipple design that helps foster early grain feeding
  • Convenient, top-loading bottle
  • Made of clear, strong polyvinyl chloride
  • Exclusive design of the rubber snap-on nipple lets the calf get virtually all of the feed with very little spillage
  • One nipple will generally last for 2-3 calves

Coburn Large Brush Tank Head


  • Plastic block filled with fine type 6.6. white nylon bristles
  • Threaded recessed handle hole will accept any Coburn threaded handle

Coburn Yellow Hycar Nitrile Apron - 36" x 45"


  • This product has a great performance, quality and price. Use indoors and outdoors. Kills fleas, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles and other crawling insects. Insects that come in contact with or ingest purr defense diatomaceous earth die within 48 hours. Insects cannot become immune to its action. Manufacturer: MANNA PRO-FARM
  • High fat and calorie levels for weight gain and body condition
  • Manufacturer: MANNA PRO-FARM
  • Manufacturer part number: 08-0711-0209
  • Promotes optimal digestion

Coburn Double Unit Pail Holder


  • These pail holders are great to use for feeding calves and other small animals
  • Quarter-inch steel wire is powder-coated for rust protection
  • Inside diameter of holder is 9.75" and will accomodate most pails up to 10 quart size
  • This holder has wide bracket for mounting on 2 x 4 and holds two pails side by side

Coburn Strip Cup With Screen Insert


  • Aluminum cup
  • 1/2 Pint capacity
  • Stainless steel screen insert
  • 4" Diameter

Coburn Flare Head Tank and Kettle Brush, Nylon Bristles


  • Nylon bristles
  • 7-1/2" Length x 5-1/2" Width

Coburn Oral Calf Feeder


  • Designed to safely administer colostrum or necessary fluids to combat calf scours and dehydration
  • Bag is made out of non-toxic, heavy grade plastic
  • Tear-shaped ball is designed so esophageal probe cannot be inserted into the trachea
  • The smooth flexible tubing is 48" long with the last 16" reinforced with a rigid plastic tube
  • 2.5 Liters/2.6 quarts capacity

Coburn Dynamint Mint Udder Cream


  • 20-Volt MAX 5.0Ah XR lithium-ion battery for longer runtime and improved performance
  • Charges all 12-Volt - 20-Volt MAX batteries 4 Amp charge rate charger
  • Kit includes soft bag for additional tool storage
  • DCB205 comes with 3 year free service warranty
  • 5.0 AMP hour pack
  • Compatible with the entire line of 20-Volt MAX packs and tools

Coburn Dynamint BLUE Mint Udder Cream


  • Contains a temporary blue coloring agent which makes it easy to see which cows have been treated
  • A true oil and water emulsion which quickly delivers healing and anti-bacterial properties through the skin and into the soft tissue
  • Peppermint oil stimulates the circulatory and immune systems and adds a pleasant smell
  • Eucalyptus and calendula oils are known for their anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties
  • The non-greasy water-based cream is smooth, light and applies quickly and easily
  • Helps prevent udder edema, mastitis and infections
  • Now approved for organic dairies

Coburn Teat Bandage


  • made of cohesive polyester, which molds to the shape of the teat and really stays in place
  • Gives maximum protection from dirt, moisture and reinjury
  • 2-1/2" Band comes in a 5 yd. roll for cutting to the proper size

Coburn Nursing Bottle Brush


  • This brush is designed to clean all areas of the nursing bottle
  • The large end will easily reach every corner and bend of the nursing bottle, while the small end is ideal for freeing residue from the nipple
  • A large multi-fan tip filled with a mixture of type 6.6 and 6.12 green and white nylon bristles helps liquid retention and scrubbing power
  • The nipple end is type 6.6 white nylon

Coburn Chemical Resistant Sprayer


  • Chemical-resistant upward-spraying trigger Sprayer
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • O-ring and piston cup made of Vitontm which has good resistance to harsh dairy chemicals
  • 24 oz Capacity plastic bottle has graduation markings in 2 oz. and 50 ml and a handy dilution guide

Coburn Complete Replacement Brass Valve


  • Fits the M81 & M81P cattle water bowls

Coburn Milk Bottle Brush With 16" Handle


  • Spiral-bound milk bottle brush is bound with stainless steel wire on hickory handle
  • Type 6.6 white nylon bristles are just the right stiffness
  • Brush head is 5-1/2" long x 3" in diameter
  • Overall length is 16-1/2

Coburn Ambic Non-Return Teat Dipper


  • An indispensible tool on the dairy for the important task of pre- and post-dipping
  • Deep inner liner in the cup which keeps used dip from returning to the reservoir
  • Angled cup with wide splash-proof lip allows the user to easily reach all four quarters
  • Made of tough, durable, chemical-resistant materials
  • Wide mouth for easy filling