Cooper Bussmann 3 Results


Cooper Bussmann T Series 30 Amp Plug Fuses


  • Use in box-cover units to help protect small motors from overloads
  • Edison base
  • Time delay passes temporary overload without opening for added protection
  • Dual element
  • 125 volts
  • Compatible with many older-style, residential fuse panels
  • CSA- and UL listed
  • Includes 2 fuses

Cooper Bussmann Mini Blade Fuse Assortment


  • ATM mini-blade fuse assortment
  • Fuses are color coded to indicate ampere rating
  • Fuses meet or exceed OE and SAE standards
  • It is complete with FP-A3 fuse puller

Cooper Bussmann Time Delay Cartridge Fuses

$4.99 - $13.99

  • Provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection
  • Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads and single phasing on three phase systems.
  • Will hold an overload which is five times greater than the ampere rating of the fuse for a minimum of ten seconds
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified