Dramm 4 Results


Dramm One Touch Shower& Stream


  • Complete & total water flow control with just on touch of your thumb
  • Has two pattern options: Shower provides a cascading flow of fine water droplets that will not harm your plants; and Stream shoots a concentrated jet, powerful enough to wash even the muddiest sidewalk
  • Received the National Home Gardening Club's Tested and Recommendation Seal of Approval
  • Available in an assortment of eye catching colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry

Dramm Pistol Spray Gun


  • Revised to closely resemble the Dramm's Revolver Spray Gun
  • Redesigned with a larger barrel for a more consistent spray pattern and a insulted comfort grip for a better look and feel
  • Made with a heavy-duty metal for a longer life
  • Available in assorted bright colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry

Dramm Revolver Rain Gun For Hose


  • Assorted colors
  • Change patterns by simply revolving the turret on the spray gun

Dramm One Touch Rain Wand

$19.99 - $24.99

  • One touch rain wand
  • Allows complete and total water flow control with one touch of your thumb
  • Efficiently saves water while watering from one plant to the next
  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum with color anodized tubing
  • Available in an array of vibrant colors and 16" or 30" lengths