Empire 42 Results


Empire True Blue I-Beam Level - 24"


  • Reinforced frame and moded grip zone
  • High contrast viral surrounds
  • Patented viral surrounds maximize visibility
  • Delivers accuracy, durability and visibility
  • Impact resistant end caps
  • Compact and durable end caps for protection and long-life accuracy

Empire 600 Series Aluminum Level Box - 48"


  • Rigid, aluminum box frame
  • Acrylic vials won't leak
  • 300° top real vial
  • Shock absorbing endcaps
  • Centered graduations for easy measurements and centering

Empire 12 oz Aluminum Co2 Tank


  • Integrated valve system for safety eliminates accidental valve to tank separation
  • Replaceable thread interface which extends the life of your tank
  • Lightweight DOT and TC certified aluminum cylinders
  • Made in the USA
  • Five year retest cycle
  • CO2 Level indicator
  • All components meet or exceed all ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA standards or requirements

Empire Amuminum Magnetic Level With 45 Degree Vial


  • Magnetic edge holds to ferrous surfaces
  • Advanced frame design assures accuracy
  • Top read window
  • Beveled endcaps protect vials from shock

Empire Aluminum Box Level


  • 24" Box level with rigid aluminum box frame and milled edges
  • Solid block acrylic vials won't leak
  • 300° Top read vial

Empire Closed Case Fiberglass Measuring Tape - 100' X 1/2"


  • Inch and engineering scale
  • High impact resistant ABS body
  • Folding handle for quick retrieval of tape
  • Contoured rubber grip fits comfortably in hand
  • Numbers and graduations printed in black

Empire Drywall T-Square


  • Durable yellow finish is easy to see on the job site
  • Large, bold numbers and graduations
  • Securely riveted head for accurate cuts and marks
  • Used in wall-papering, installing support beams, and more

Empire True Blue Magnetic Tool Box Level


  • Vari-Pitch vial reads slope or pitch in inches per foot, making it ideal for setting up a grade or measuring a slope
  • True blue blue-banded vials highlight the edges of the bubbles to help make readings easy
  • Top-read window helps provide accurate and easy readings
  • Accurate up to .0005 in. per in. in all 10 working positions of the level
  • Full-length aluminum frame for durability
  • Shock absorbing endplates help protect the frame from damage
  • V-grooved edge helps keep the level in place on pipe or conduit
  • Continuous-length magnetic edge helps provide extreme holding power on steel studs and other surfaces
  • Fits in a toolbox for convenience

Empire 12" Heavy Duty Magnum Rafter Square


  • Solid aluminum extruded square will not bend or break
  • Stamped conversion tables
  • Mark or cut boards up to 12'' wide
  • Thicker frame design ensures safe use as a saw guide
  • Graduated notches for ''pulling'' layout lines
  • Includes helpful instruction manual with complete rafter tables

Empire Aluminum Level - 24"


  • Large easy to read number and graduations
  • Ideal for wallpapering, shelving and as a cutting guide
  • 24" overall length
  • Made in USA

Empire Fat Boy Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing Square - 16" x 24"


  • Made of 3/16" thick heavy gauge aluminum, includes 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 and 1/32" graduations
  • 50% thicker than standard squares and resists bending
  • Aluminum construction will not rust or corrode
  • Deep stamped graduations, number and rafter tables are deep stamped for long life
  • Made In USA

Empire Braided Line Reel


  • Easy to see
  • Braided line

Empire Heavy Duty Professional Combination Square, Stainless Steel Blade - 16"


  • 16" etched stainless steel blade with inch graduations
  • Heavy-duty machined square head
  • Self-aligning drawbolt, hardened scriber
  • Offers a full view acrylic vial and self-aligning draw bolt

Empire Braided Line Reel, Orange - 250'


  • Easy to see bright orange
  • Made of #18 nylon
  • Braided for extra stength
  • Versatile line reel handle

Empire Hot Box Paint Balls 200 Count


  • .68 Caliber
  • Perfect for the recreational player
  • Orange fill

Empire Steel Tradesman Sqaure


  • Permanently stamped numbers
  • 1/8" graduations
  • Durable protective epoxy finish to prevent rust

Empire Level, Polycast - 48"


  • Durable POLYCAST frame is virtually unbreakable
  • Will not mar or scratch fine surfaces or furniture
  • Durable acrylic vials

Empire Magnetic Aluminum Torpedo Level - 9"


  • Durable acrylic vials read plumb, level and 45 degrees
  • Solid aluminum frame, 9" overall length, top read window
  • Strong holding magnetic edge
  • Made in USA

Empire Heat Paintballs 200 Count


  • .68 Caliber
  • Perfect for the recreational player
  • Consistent fill for good markability

Empire M-8 Paint Grenade


  • Specially designed and Battle Tested to perform exceptionally in the field
  • The BT grenade is very unique as it is the only paint grenade to use the RPS paintball fill as its marking compound
  • This bright fill material combined with the grenades unique engineering design helps provide an effective range of 30 feet
  • Leaves a mark that clearly identifies your targets

Empire Polysteel Tri-Square - 1/8" Graduation


  • Stainless steel blade prevents rust and corrosion
  • Polycast handle includes acrylic vial for level, plumb and 90/45 degree work
  • Reads full 8" on inside and outside measurements
  • Had 1/8" graduations

Empire 24" Polycast Level


  • Durable Polycast frame is virtually
  • Unbreakable under normal use
  • Will not mar or scratch fine surfaces
  • Durable acrylic vials

Empire Twisted Line Reel, Gold- 250'


  • 250' reel
  • Easy to see bright gold
  • Twisted line

Empire Hand Shaper


  • Durable plastic body, 7-1/4" long
  • Used for close, precision work on curved surfaces and decorative work
  • Perforated, non clogging design, hardened steel blade
  • High visibility yellow handle