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Duralife Optimal Plus Formula Calf Milk Replacer

$71.99 $69.99

  • All-milk protein for Optimal digestibility and performance
  • 20% Protein with 20% fat
  • Medicated with Bovatec for the control of coccidiosis
  • Complete first feed provides the entire nutritional requirements of the calf from its second day of life through weaning
  • ClariFly added for preventing the development of flies in manure
  • Added Vitamins and Minerals for Complete Nutrition
  • Recommended for Calves 2-60 days old
  • 50 lb Bag

Purina Chicken Layena Pellets, 50 lbs

$14.99 $13.99

  • Supplies a constant supply of calcium that helps for strong shells
  • No animal by-products or fillers added
  • Freshly ground grains from North American farms
  • Supports immune health by containing prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids
  • Feed to laying chickens after 18 weeks of age and throughout the laying cycle

Nutrena SafeChoice® Maintenance


  • Controlled starch formula for maintenance horses with moderate energy needs
  • Includes Topline Balance, Nutrena's unique approach to topline health
  • Balanced energy with moderate calorie level for maintenance horses
  • Guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle development and maintenance
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient digestion and digestive health
  • Organic trace minerals for improved immune support, increaed bioavailability and improved skin, hair and hoof quality
  • Pelleted form
  • 50 lb Bag

Advance Lamb Milk Replacer

$15.99 - $49.99

  • Lamb Milk Replacer with Colostrum is an instant mixing, all-milk protein product.
  • Formulated to meet the entire nutritional requirements of baby lambs from the second day of life to weaning, allowing maximum growth rates when fed ad-lib
  • Acidified to prevent bacterial spoilage once reconstituted, giving mixed milk a shelf life of up to 24 hours

Animal Health Int Probiotics Chick Boost 8oz

$13.99 $11.99

  • 1 10gm scoops makes 1 gallon of water
  • Made in the USA
  • Scoop enclosed
  • Chick Boost is mixed in the water of Chicks from Hatching until about 3 months of age
  • Chick boost contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes
  • Formulated to help Baby Chicks deal with stress, boost their Immune system and grow healthy without the use of antibiotics

Cargill 16% Pelleted Sheep Feed - 50 lb

$13.99 $12.99

  • All-purpose feed
  • Palatable pellet formulation fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • No added copper
  • Promotes growth and overall nutrition
  • Medicated with Bovatec to prevent coccidiosis
  • Can be used as sole feed or combination with other pasture

Nutrena NutreBeef Starter Creep

$11.99 $10.99

  • NutreBeef Starter Creep feed has a balanced formula which contains vitamins and minerals essential for growth and development
  • Formulated to feed to calves prior to weaning
  • Supplements declining milk availability
  • Feed while the calf is also being fed by the cow to support increased weight gain and growth
  • 50 lb Bag

Little Giant 2-Frame Stainless Steel Extractor

$274.99 $233.74

  • Tangential extractor provides the simplicity of a hand-crank extractor and the superior quality of 18/10 stainless steel material
  • Can be used with either deep or medium frames
  • Includes honey gate, cover and legs
  • Some assembly required
  • Complete instructions included

Little Giant 10-Frame Beginner Hive Kit

$229.99 $195.49

  • Bees must be purchased separately
  • Contains everything you need to get started beekeeping in one box!
  • Features our Little Giant 10-frame Langstroth hive with frames and foundation installed
  • Also includes gloves, veil, smoker, smoker fuel, bee brush, hive tool and frame feeder
  • Comes with Beekeeping for Dummies guide book

Tarter 10' Feeder Bunk

$139.99 $132.99

  • 1-Piece heavy-duty bunk feeder
  • Industry leader in design and quality
  • Replaceable bunk liner is formed in a single piece from 100% recycled materials with no seams or inserts
  • Built rugged to withstand abuse from small or large herds
  • Welded frame is made from 1-3/4" diameter round tubular steel
  • Poly liner is held securely by rivets

Little Giant Complete Hive 10 Frame

$124.99 $106.24

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Made of unfinished Eastern Pine, ready for painting
  • Top of hive has a flat top with metal covering
  • This standard Langstroth design hive contains everything needed to get started in beekeeping
  • Includes:
    • A deep (9.125") brood box
    • 10 assembled wood frames with black plastic foundation, telescoping cover, inner cover, screened bottom board, plastic corrugated grid for tracking mites
    • Detailed instructions

Hutchison Red Tube Corral Panel

$79.99 - $84.99

  • 6 Bar construction with Z-bar verticals and drop pin coupling feature
  • Hinge loops are 12 gauge
  • Drop pin is 5/8" solid rod
  • Chain fastens drop pin to panel
  • Powder Coated
  • 60" High

Little Giant Deep Hive Body 10 Frame

$59.99 $50.99

  • Made of unfinished wood, ready for painting or staining
  • Comes fully assembled with 10 wood frames assembled with black plastic foundation
  • Fits any standard Langstroth-design hive
  • Once the hive is established, it is recommended that additional hive boxes are added to make room for more bees
  • This is a "deep" box (9.125" tall) and contains "deep" frames
  • These hive boxes are typically sold empty - we include all 10 frames

Purina Premium Poultry Feed Layena Crumbles

$14.99 $13.99

  • Poultry feed
  • For chickens, waterfowl, and turkeys
  • 18 weeks and older
  • Supports digestive health
  • Available for in-Store Pickup Only

Nutrena DairyWay™ Calf Grower Feed

$13.99 $12.99

  • Grower/developer ration for replacement dairy heifers
  • Supports rumen development, muscle development and weight gain
  • Prepares heifers with the frame and capacity to support lactation performance
  • Fortifed with the proper balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Proper blend of protein and carbohydrates supports growth
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption
  • 50 lb Bag

Nutrena Country Feeds Whole Life Pig Feed

$13.99 $12.99

  • Complete feed for all life stages of swine
  • Convenient, single feed appropriate for all pigs from 20 pounds to maturity as well as gestating sows, lactating sows and boars
  • Formulated to optimize performance of pastured pork
  • Fortifed with 16% protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support healthy pigs
  • Meat and bone meal free
  • Complete feed, no additional supplements required
  • Pelleted form encourages consumption and helps to minimize waste
  • Nutrient-dense formulation supports growth and muscle development
  • Added zinc supports a healthy immune system
  • 50 lb Bag

Van Sickle EZ-Slide Talc Lubricant

$11.47 - $28.04

  • Maximizes yield and profit by increasing plant population per acre
  • Reduces moisture generated by vacuum planters
  • Helps prevent "bridging" of seeds in planter by reducing moisture
  • Helps seed flow smoothly & evenly through vacuum meter planters
  • Reduces wear on vacuum meter components

Little Giant Homegrown Honey Bees Book

$12.99 $11.04

  • Comprehensive information to get new beekeepers through their first year
  • Covers everything from getting the first package of bees to harvesting honey
  • Includes information on allergies, required permits, hive structure, bee behavior and more
  • Colorful photography gives you a closer look
  • 160 Pages

Weaver Leather Single-Ply Spur Straps

$12.99 $11.04

  • Greast basic spur straps
  • Constructed from rugged russet harness leather
  • Durable nickel plated buckles

Weaver Leather 8" Stock Whip

$10.99 $9.34

  • Stock whip has a 50" shaft, an 8" drop, and an 8" popper
  • Rubber handle offers a comfortable grip

Weaver Leather Stock Whip With Rubber Handle

$10.99 $9.34

  • Rubber handle offers a comfortable grip
  • 50" Shaft

Hutchison Walk Through Gate Panel

$114.99 $109.99

  • Constructed to eight CP heavy duty or CP standard specifications
  • 16 Gauge high tensile steel tubing
  • Standard arch is 4' wide and 84" high
  • Powder coated HW Brand

Red Brand Sheep and Goat Fence

$279.99 $264.99

  • Smaller and consistant spacing throughout for smaller animals

Energy 4 Way Log Splitter Valve

$154.99 $139.49

  • 4-Way tandem center with relief valve
  • Detent hold with hydraulic kickout in "A" and Spring centered to neutral from "B"