Gardner 3 Results


Gardner Aluma-Kote


  • Fibered aluminum mobile home roof coating
  • Bright aluminum reflective surface
  • An economy fibered, reflective aluminum roof coating that protects and renews worn roof surfaces
  • Water cleanup
  • Apply with roller or brush
  • Not recommended for use on wood, asphalt shingles or dead flat roofs with slopes less than 5 degrees
  • 5 Gallons

Gardner Roof and Foundation Coating, 3.6 qts


  • Performs at 96% single pass efficiency
  • SureGRIP non-slip feature gives you a better grip

Gardner Blacktop Drive Patch (Trowel Grade) - 1 gal


  • In-Store Only - Pickup Okay
  • Ready-to-use, cement-textured, latex-fortified patching compound
  • Ideal for small holes and/or larger cracks up to 3"
  • Dries to dark black finish