GB Electrical 41 Results


GB Electrical 19-Range Analog Meter


  • Gardner Bender's Analog Multimeters test AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Continuity and Batteries.
  • Color coded analog display is easy to read and test leads and operating instructions are included.

GB Electrical Electrical Solderless Terminal Kit


  • Includes 175 pieces of the most commonly used insulated ring, spade, butt and disconnect terminals used in automotive and home electrical wiring.
  • The 18 Comparent recloseable case is perfect for workbench or on the job use.
  • Use with solid or stranded wire.

GB Electrical 14 Range 4-Function Manual Ranging Digital Multimeter


  • GB's Digital Multimeters test AC and DC voltage, Resistance and Batteries.
  • All testers include test leads, operating instructions and conform to UL 61010-1 standards and are certified to CAN/CSA C22.2.

GB Electrical Insulated Terminal & Crimping Tool Kit


  • GB's Electrical Kit is an all purpose kit for home and auto.
  • Contains multi-use stripper/crimper with 100 assorted terminals in handy plastic box
  • The multi-function tool cuts, strips and terminates wires.
  • Contains butt splices, ring terminals and male and female disconnects.

GB Electrical Wire Stripper and Crimper


  • GB's ArmorEDGE® Multi-Tool Stripper/Crimper strips and cuts solid and stranded wire.
  • Stainless steel body and ergonomic, cushioned handles provide comfort, control and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to read marking and double bevel cutting blades for superior nick resistance.

GB Electrical 12 Range Analog Multimeter


  • Gardner Bender's Analog Multimeters test AC/DC Voltage, DC Current and Resistance.
  • Color coded analog display is easy to read and test leads and operating instructions are included.

GB Electrical Automatic Stripper and Crimper


  • GB's Automatic Stripper & Crimper strips solid or stranded wire and crimps insulated, and non-insulated terminals.
  • Automatic jaw-loaded wire stripper self-adjusts.
  • Comfort high-leverage handles.

GB Electrical Assorted Butt Splice Kit


  • GB Xtreme® Terminals are constructed with Heat Shrink insulation
  • They are adhesive lined to waterproof and environmentally seal electrical connections when crimped and heated
  • They are rated at a 600 Volt maximum and have a temperature rating of -67 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The assortment contains 24 22-10 AWG assorted butt splices

GB Electrical Assorted Cable Ties


  • GB's Cable Tie Assortment contains 300 4" ties, 300 8" ties and 50 11" ties.
  • Combination of black, red, yellow green and white cable ties.

GB Electrical Calterm 42410 Universal Ignition Switch


  • Universal ignition switch
  • 4 position switch controls accessories
  • 2 keys included
  • Off/ignition/starter

GB Electrical 12-10 AWG Calterm PVC Butt Splice - 50 ct


  • Made of PVC
  • 12-10 AWG (5.5 mm²)
  • Simply crimp both ends for a long-lasting secure connection

GB Electrical 16-14 AWG Female Disconnect - 100 ct


  • 16-14 AWG
  • Vinyl insulated barrel
  • Voltage Rating: 600V Max. building wiring: 1000V Max. signs and fixtures
  • Temp rating: 75°C (167° F) maximum
  • US/CSA listed
  • Quick and reliable crimp-type wire connectors
  • Color-coded by wire gauge size with vinyl insulated barrel

GB Electrical Wire Stripper with Lock


  • GB's Wire Strippers strip and cut solid and stranded wire.
  • Easy to read marking and comfortable high-leverage handles.
  • Power spring return reduces hand fatigue and plier nose and curved cutting blade aid in pulling and cutting wire.

GB Electrical Non-Contact Voltage Tester


  • Visual and audible indicators signal presence of voltage
  • Built in safe test feature assures batteries are operating properly
  • Compact design fits in shirt pocket
  • Operates on one AAA battery
  • Tests outlets, switches, circuit breakers, wiring and light fixtures

GB Electrical 22-18 ga Splice Butt - 100 ct


  • Protects and seals an electrical wire connection
  • Indusry standard color-coding indicates wire gauge size
  • High-temperature rating up to 167° F
  • UL and CSA safety listing
  • Secure, strong crimp-type design

GB Electrical Calterm 40193 Black Chrome Horn Button Switch


  • 5 amp
  • Bracket mount horn button
  • Heavy duty metal and polyvinyl construction

GB Electrical #8 Stud 22-18 AWG Calterm PVC Ring Terminal


  • Makes connecting wires quick and easy
  • Terminal for all your application needs in any type of environment
  • 22-18 AWG (1.25 mm²) gauge
  • #8 stud size

GB Electrical Sierra International FS45350 20 Amp Marine Fuse Holder


  • SIERRA Marine FS45350, SIEFS45350
  • In-line fuse holder is molded black plastic complete with SFE 20 amp fuse and 8" wire
  • Alternate part numbers: Sierra 8-FS45350, SIE_FS45350, SIE-FS45350, SIEFS45350, 47-FS45350

GB Electrical Calterm 61359 Bullet Set 22-18 AWG


  • Electrical Terminals
  • Part#: 61359
  • Red
  • Bullet connect set
  • 0.71" H x 4.25" W x 2.25" D
  • Made of PVC
  • 22-18 AWG wire gauge

GB Electrical Calterm 73438 Clear Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment - 1/4" & 1/2"


  • Flame retardant
  • Resists common fluids and solvents
  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Wire identification by color
  • Heat shrink tubing is great for cable insulation, marking and bundling with superior mechanical, abrasion and moisture protection
  • Used to repair and cover torn wire insulation or to protect and insulate objects such as rope ends, plier handles or terminal connections

GB Electrical Calterm 61130 Ring Terminal 16-14 AWG


  • Part#: 61130
  • Blue
  • Vinyl-insulated copper
  • 16-14 AWG

GB Electrical Calterm 61150 Spade Terminal 16-14 AWG


  • Part#: 61150
  • Spade terminals
  • Vinyl Insulated copper
  • Stud or screw sizes from #4 to #10
  • 0.71"H x 4.25"W x 2.25" D
  • 3/8" stud
  • Wire Range: 16-14 to 22-10 AWG

GB Electrical Black Liquid Electrical Tape


  • Gardner Bender's liquid tape is a liquid coating used to insulate and protect electrical splices and connections.
  • It is waterproof and will not unravel or deteriorate like traditional tapes.
  • Great for home, auto/marine and electrical applications.