Goodyear 2 Results


Goodyear 1000-Amp Power Pack & 150-PSI Air Compressor With 6-Gauge Booster Clamps


  • 1000-amp power pack
  • Rechargable AGM battery with a 12AH capacity
  • Built-in 150-PSI air compressor for filling up tires and other inflatable items
  • 400-amp 6-gauge booster clamps included

Goodyear Air Hose


  • Working Temperature Range: -40 to 190 F
  • Spiral Synthetic Yarn Reinforcement
  • Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Outer Jacket
  • Bend Restrictors Prevent Kinks Near End Fittings
  • 100% Made and Assembled in the USA
  • 250 PSI Working Pressure
  • Exceeds RMA 4:1 Safety Factor (Burst Pressure to Working Pressure Ratio)
  • Meets RMA Class "C" Oil Resistance