Home Safety 56 Results


First Alert Combo Gas/ CO Alarm


  • Multi hazard combo detects carbon monoxide, propane gas and natural/methane gas
  • Backlit digital display with test and silence
  • Covers only one wall outlet
  • Battery back-up keeps alarm working if electricity fails
  • Point and click any remote control unit to quiet unwanted alarms
  • With a line cord for high mounting to sense methane, low mounting for propane
  • End of life timer alarm chirps when it is time to replace, should be replaced every 5 years for maximum protection
  • Battery back-up, 9 volt battery included

TriMax 70 mm Round Stainless Steel Padlock with 10 mm Keyed Alike Shackle - 3 ct


  • 70mm round padlock
  • Disc shape protects against bolt cutters
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Armor plated key core for added security

First Alert Hardwired Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup


  • 120 VAC state-of-the-art hardwired alarm
  • Provides double protection for both flaming and smoldering fires with dual photoelectric and ionization smoke sensing technologies
  • Has an alarm latch - easily identifies initiating alarm even after alarm condition has subsided
  • Has a low battery latch - identifies which unit is in low battery condition by blinking the green power light
  • A low battery silence - temporarily silences the low battery chirp for up to eight hours
  • An alarm silence - silences alarm for several minutes
  • 85dB Horn
  • Single button test/silence
  • An easy access battery drawer
  • Dust cover
  • Installation is quick, easy and cost effective - connection to AC power is made with a Quick-Connect wiring harness

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm AC Plug


  • No batteries required
  • 120 volt plug-in
  • With silence feature, samples the air and performs self-diagnostic tests approximately every second
  • A microchip inside the unit stores each reading, and remembers the levels of CO it has been exposed to over time
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm, UL listed
  • 5 year limited warranty

First Alert Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarm DC


  • Detects both flaming and smoldering fires
  • Point and click with any remote control to quiet unwanted alarms
  • Smart sensor helps recognize the difference between non-threatening conditions and real emergencies
  • Easy access battery drawer
  • Loud 85db alarm
  • Meets UL217 standard

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector


  • Battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm
  • Uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor-the most accurate technology available
  • Simple to use silence/test button; low battery warning; end-of-life timer
  • 2 AA batteries included

Kiddie Mariner 5 Fire Extinguisher With Gauge


  • For use on boats and home
  • Includes pressure indicator and mounting strap bracket
  • Life of 5 years

Kiddie Fire Away Garage Fire Extinguisher


  • For garage/workshop
  • Wall hanger included
  • Life of 10 years
  • Hazardous material

Master Lock Ball Knob Style Keyed Entry Door Lock - Twin Pack


  • Satin nickel finish
  • Six-way adjustable latch fits all doors: 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" backset, square, rounded corners or drive-in
  • ANSI GRADE 3 performance
  • Two keyed alike keyed entry locks per pack
  • For exterior locking applications like entry doors

First Alert Battery Operated Combination Smoke/CO Alarm


  • Battery-operated combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarm with voice location
  • Uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor--the most accurate technology available
  • Photoelectric sensing technology reduces nuisance smoke alarms
  • Remote-controlled silence/test button; low battery warning; peak level memory recall
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • 5 year limited warranty

TriMax 10 mm Chrome Hardened Metal Disc Lock Pin


  • Rugged disc locks are hardened to resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks
  • High security anti-drill lock core
  • Easy to use push button lock
  • Includes carrying pouch and reminder cable

Kiddie Fire Away Home & Office Fire Extinguisher


  • Ready to fight small fires before they spread
  • For home or office
  • Gauge for easy pressure check
  • Includes strap bracket
  • Disposable

Master Lock Double Cylinder Deadbolt


  • Double cylinder deadbolt (Keyway both inside and outside)
  • Four-way adjustable; 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset, square, or rounded corners
  • ANSI GRADE 3 performance
  • For exterior locking applications, Entry door - KA4

Master Lock Straight Style Lever Bed and Bath Door Knob


  • Portable 12-volt DC electric winch
  • 2,000lb. pulling capacity
  • Galvanized steel cable with safety hook
  • Includes steel mounting plate, 20' power cable, remote control and hand crank

First Alert Smoke Alarm with Silent Feature


  • Battery operated smoke alarm
  • Mute feature silences nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam
  • Single button also tests alarm functions
  • Easy access battery drawer: no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery
  • Meets UL standards

Kiddie Kitchen Fire Extinguisher


  • Kitchen fire extinguisher
  • Includes pressure gauge and UL approved wall hanger
  • Life of 10 years
  • Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection

First Alert Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm


  • Smoke entry system allows a direct smoke path to the photoelectric sensor to detect regular and slow, smoldering fires
  • The combination of the sensor and First Alert's Nuisance Free Technology will reduce false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam
  • LED and alarm indicator
  • End of life signal
  • Mute and silence button
  • Installation is simple with the versatile wall and ceiling mount and the easy slide-in mounting bracket
  • Powered by 9-volt battery
  • A new sleek, slim design, which adds an element of style to safety while still providing all the protection you need
  • Includes:
    • 9V Battery
    • 10-year limited warranty that protects against defects in material and workmanship

First Alert Auto Extinguisher


  • Dry powder fire extinguisher with a plastic valve assembly and a red steel can, containing sodium bicarbonate fire extinguishing agent
  • Pop-up pin indicator to check pressure
  • Rated 5-B:C. Fights oil, gasoline and electrical fires
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Meets UL standards

First Alert Hardwire Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup


  • 120V AC wired directly into your homes electrical system
  • Universal mounting bracket makes for easy installation
  • 9V Battery backup ensures alarm works even during power outages
  • Mute function silences nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam
  • Single button tests alarm functions
  • Easy access drawer for battery - no need to take down alarm from ceiling to change battery
  • Interconnects with other First Alert or BRK hardwired alarms
  • Meets UL smoke detector standards
  • 10-year limited warranty

First Alert Premium Smoke Alarm DC


  • Bright escape light illuminates the path to safety
  • Ionization smoke sensor
  • With silence and test alarm functions button and low battery warning
  • Side battery drawer slides open for battery replacement, resists closing unless battery is installed
  • Blinking power indicator confirms unit is receiving power
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm
  • 10 year limited warranty

Master Lock Ball Knob Style Orivacy Door Lock


  • Bright brass finish
  • Six-way adjustable latch fits all doors: 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" backset, square, rounded corners or drive-in
  • ANSI GRADE 3 performance
  • For interior locking applications such as bedrooms or bathrooms

Master Lock Ball Keyed Entry Door Knob


  • Exclusive SilvaBond antimicrobial protected finish
  • Dependable security, meets ANSI grade 3 standards
  • Six way adjustable latch fits all doors 2-3/8-inch or 2-3/4-inch backset, square, rounded corners or drive in

First Alert Radon Test Kit


  • Charcoal test kit traps particle traces
  • Short term test takes only 2-3 days in home
  • Price includes lab analysis by an Environmental Protection Agency listed lab

First Alert Dual Ionization Smoke Alarm


  • Dual Ionization Sensing Chamber
  • Silence Feature Silences Nuisance Alarms
  • Tamper Resistant Locking Pin Locks Alarm Cover to Prevent Removal of Battery
  • 9V Battery Included
  • Approved for RV Use