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Job Site Boot Dryer


  • Use on all types of shoes, boots, gloves, hats and accessories
  • Dryer lets warm air rise naturally inside your wet items to dry them, reaching those hard to get places where wet can hide
  • Safe, quiet, warm, even airflow reaches the toes of boots and finger tips of gloves and mittens
  • Removes damp, sweaty, smelly perspiration and bacteria
  • Just plug it in and let the warm, dry air circulate overnight

Job Site Boot Scrubber Brush Mat


  • Perfect cleaning tool to have by every door
  • Keep the mess outside and keep your house clean
  • Made with hard wood and high density molded plastic
  • Built-in shoe sole and edge brushes
  • Strong bristle brushes
  • Ideal for every entryway at home, barn, ranch, work, cottage or weekend getaway

Job Site Boot Scrubber


  • Keeps dirt, mud, and snow from coming indoors
  • Soft side bristles won't scratch shoes or boots
  • Stiff bottom bristles clean the deepest cleats

Job Site Mud Away Boot Bath


  • Clean, scrub & scrape mud off boots and shoes so your home stays clean
  • Stiff bottom prongs, contoured side brushes and front scraper bar work together to clean tough mud from your shoes and boots
  • Durable tough design works well in all seasons and weather
  • Large Size 20 x 16 x 2 inches cleans even monster boots
  • Water fill level tells you how much water to add
  • Dump out dirty water when finished
  • Can also use with mild soap or disinfectant