KEE Action Sports 10 Results


KEE Action Sports ZAP Cryptic Paintballs 2,000 Count


  • Field grade
  • Filled with enhanced dyes
  • Thick and durable shell almost eliminates barrel breaks in all markers

KEE Action Sports Prime Single Goggle


  • Offers full face and mouth protection
  • Built on the legendary JT 180 degree lens platform
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Soft goggle foam for maximum comfort

KEE Action Sports Draxxus Basic Training Paintballs, 1000 Count


  • Consistent roundness
  • Oil-Free Ecofill for an environmentally friendly patent-protected alternative fill
  • Fill made from natural, food-based vegetale ingredient that is friendly to soil and gives easy clean up and no staining on gear

KEE Action Sports 90G Prefilled CO2 Containers


  • 90gram Prefilled CO2 Tank
  • Single Use Tank. Not refillable
  • Standard use in most paintball markers

KEE Action Sports 200 Round Hopper


  • Plastic construction
  • Holds 200 paintballs
  • Clear spring-loader lid

KEE Action Sports CO2 Tank Adaptor 90gm


  • Adaptor for 90gram CO2 tanks
  • Connects 90gram CO2 tank to any standard paintball marker
  • Work directly with the JT 90gram C02 Tank

KEE Action Sports PowerFeed Elbow


  • Directs paintballs into Marker
  • 7/8th Inch Smoke
  • Clamping fit

KEE Action Sports 140 Count Ball Hauler


  • Designed with 'elastic ejection straps' which pushes the tube out.