Kness 6 Results


Kness Ketch-All Mouse Trap


  • Operates without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Able to catch multiple mice in one setting
  • Trap does not have to be reset after each catch
  • Environmentally safe

Kness Mouse & Insect Trap


  • Put more distance between you and trapped pests
  • This low-profile, non-mechanical box comes with one replaceable, pre-baited Stick-All glue trap 106-0-013 (1386-0218)
  • Environmentally safe, with no dangerous chemicals or poisons
  • Ultimate glue trap monitoring system
  • Safe around children and pets

Kness Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Trap


  • No winding or re-setting
  • All in 1 hinged lid
  • Durable galvanized steel
  • Clear view lid

Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap


  • Quick response time
  • Easy to set
  • Easy to release
  • Economical and reusable

Kness Snap-E Mousetraps

$2.49 - $4.99

  • Steel and durable polyester materials make them tough
  • Smart engineering makes them work every time
  • Larger trip paddle and strike bar
  • Escape proof
  • Never touch another mouse
  • Easy to set catches
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Carded

Kness Stick-All Glue Trap


  • The Stick-All glue trap attracts mice, roaches, ants, spiders, crickets, and other insects
  • Just peel off its protective paper and place the trap against a wall near pest activity
  • Simply dispose when used and replace with a new glue trap
  • It's pre scented with no harmful chemicals or poisons
  • When used with the Stick-All Mouse & Insect Trap it's safe around children and pets
  • A sticky solution to a sticky problem
  • Pre baited
  • Disposable
  • Clean and safe
  • 4 Per card