Koehn Marketing 2 Results


Koehn Marketing 13' x 19' Original Drive Thru Electric Gate


  • Adjustable 13 ft. to 19 ft. standard
  • Protects the finish of the farm vehicles as the metal never touches the vehicle
  • Holds cattle, hogs, sheep and horses like an electric fence
  • The Drive-Thru Gate is energized with any common electric, battery or solar fencer or electric fence
  • The fiberglass polyethylene arms support the electrical yellow coated streamers that hang down giving a harmless shock when the animal touches them. They will respect the gate
  • Flexible polyethylene arms break away if they should become caught on a tractor or vehicle
  • Simple and easy to install. Insulators already on gate; four nails install each side

Koehn Marketing Replacement Hose & Streamer


  • For use with the Drive-Thru Electric Gate
  • The electrical yellow coated streamers hang down giving a harmless shock when an animal touches them
  • Fits only one side of either adjustable sized gates