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Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital

$89.99 $71.99

  • Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Olivia in a nurse's uniform, Henry and Dr. Patel, plus a newborn baby Ola figure
  • Features a 3-story, modular hospital, helicopter with stretcher, ambulance with wheeled stretcher, wheelchair, stroller, medical cart and a bicycle
  • Hospital features a waiting room with sliding doors, reception desk, seating area, vending machine, water cooler and an aquarium; an emergency entrance with swing doors; an x-ray suite with a revolving bed, scanner, lightbox and skeleton; a nursery with rocking crib, weighing scales and bathroom area with changing table; an examination room with bed, heart monitor and microscope; and a helipad
  • Accessory elements include an arm cast, x-ray tiles, magnifying glass, sample bottles, scissors, wet floor sign and a feeding bottle

Lego Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

$79.99 $63.99

  • Includes Elsa with shiny fabric cape and Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf, Marshmallow and four Snowgies
  • Elsas Magical Ice Palace features grand entrance doors with sliding bridge function, a kitchen, table and stools, music area, magic revolving stairs function, upstairs bedroom with a big balcony and a slide
  • Outside there is a playground with a tree, snow fort and a seesaw, plus a sleigh with three carriages
  • Accessory elements include a teapot, glasses, cake, carrot, chocolate, sheet music, mirror and a rug.
  • Have fun building this enormous Ice Palace with special functions to add to the magic

Lego Ninjago Temple of The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon

$99.99 $79.99

  • Includes 7 minifigures: Kai, Nya, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Jay and Jungle Garmadon (with 4 arms and new-for-August-2017 jungle outfit decoration) and 2 buildable temple guardian figures
  • Features large main entrance doors, trapdoor, rock-dropping and dynamite-dropping functions, dungeon with secret entrance/escape route, library with a scroll and hidden blade-shooter (shoots discs with blade decoration), room with gold-colored sword and chopping-sword trap, storage room with a sword and buildable vase, 2 attic rooms, a hanging cage that fits a minifigure inside, beacon with translucent-blue flame-style element, pull-out section with poles for minifigures to leap between to get to the treasure chest, statue, plus assorted elements including a skeleton, spider and 2 snakes
  • Release the rock to knock over a minifigure and then turn the dial to pull up the chain ready to drop it again
  • Press the lever to open the dungeon's secret entrance/escape route
  • Activate the hidden blade shooter under the scroll to topple a minifigure

Lego Star Wars: Resistance X-Wing Fighter (740 Pieces)


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Poe Dameron, Lor San Tekka and a First Order Flametrooper, plus a BB-8 Astromech Droid
  • Resistance X-Wing Fighter features opening wings and minifigure cockpit, 4 spring-loaded shooters, retractable landing gear, removable hyperdrive and a detachable BB-8 Astromech Droid
  • Building section features a container, a tower that can be pushed over, and knobs to attach flame elements for a make-believe blaze
  • Measures over 4" high, 14" long and 12" wide with wings open, and over 3" high with wings closed
  • Weapons include Poe's blaster piston and the Flametroopers' flamethrower with attachable flame element
  • Accessory elements include a wrench, fire extinguisher, flames, Poe's helmet, and the Flametrooper's helmet

Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument

$119.99 $95.99

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus squid, guardian and elder guardian figures
  • Features a Minecraft ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, plus a cave with a furnace
  • Remove the roof section and fold out the model for access to the detailed interior
  • Put on your enchanted armor, grab your enchanted sword and prepare for action
  • Activate the dry sponge function to soak up the water and enter the monument

Lego City Jungle Exploration Site

$119.99 $95.99

  • Includes 7 minifigures: a pilot, 2 drivers and 4 scientist/explorers, plus leopard, crocodile, snake, frog and 2 spider figures.
  • Features an amphibious helicopter with minifigure cockpit, winch, spinning rotors and pontoons, plus a heavy observation truck with an articulated crane arm, room for the kayak on top and motorcycle on the back, and an amphibious vehicle with minifigure cockpit and storage compartments.
  • Also includes a plane wreck build with opening cockpit and room for a box, a cave with leopard pounce function, a temple with boulder release and trapdoor functions, plus a buildable Venus flytrap with closing ‘mouth’.
  • Remove the top of the truck to access the observation room.
  • Lift up the plane’s cockpit with the crane arm to discover the treasure.
  • Push the release function on the back of the cave to make the leopard pounce.
  • Lower the helicopter winch and haul away the treasure.
  • Pull the vine to send the boulder tumbling.
  • Pull the lever to release the temple trapdoor.
  • Push the top of the Venus flytrap down to trap the spider.

Lego Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker

$149.99 $119.99

  • Add a fearsome walker to your LEGO Star Wars First Order army with the Heavy Assault Walker
  • This awesome model, based on the walker from the blockbuster Star Wars: Episode VIII movie, features tough armor-plate detailing, posable legs, posable head with opening minifigure cockpit and spring-loaded shooters, an aimable rapid-fire stud shooter on top, and detachable canisters that can be released from the rear of the walke
  • Theres also a storage comparent at the side with extra stud ammo and an opening hold to the rear with space for a minifigure and extra missile ammo

Lego City Fire Boat

$79.99 $63.99

  • Includes 5 minifigures: the Captain, 2 male firefighters, a female firefighter and the lighthouse keeper
  • Features a Fire Boat and a lighthouse
  • Fire Boat features a detailed bridge, searchlights, kitchen, medical station and special stud-shooting water cannon with a maneuverable water cannon crane arm
  • Lighthouse features a small pier and shack
  • Position the Fire Boat to fight the lighthouse fire
  • Launch the dinghy to rescue the lighthouse keeper

Lego Star Wars BB-8

$99.99 $79.99

  • This faithfully reproduced LEGO Star Wars incarnation of the diminutive BB-8 droid from the new Star Wars movie trilogy makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars or LEGO fan
  • Turn one wheel at the side to rotate the detailed head, and another to open the access hatch and extend the welding torch
  • This faithfully reproduced model also comes with a display stand, decorative fact plaque and small BB-8 figure, making it a great display piece for any bedroom or office

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack

$129.99 $103.99

  • Dual mini figure cockpit with lift-off canopy, translucent-red windshield, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 2 stud shooters, ramp to drive the Batmobile inside, and 2 rear boosters
  • Includes 6 mini figures: Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and 2 Parademons, plus a Steppenwolf big figure
  • The Batmobile features an opening cockpit, 3 stud shooters and adjustable front and rear wings
  • Accessory elements include Wonder Woman's shield and the Parademons' foil wings
  • 955 Pcs
  • Ages 9-14

Lego DC Superhero Girls Super Hero High School

$79.99 $63.99

  • Includes three mini-doll figures: Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Lena Luthor, plus Poison Ivy's plant Frankie and two hypnotized purple Kryptomites
  • Features a three-level school building with a large amethyst element on top, two swiveling classrooms with tables, seats and rotating screens, and a cafe with a TV screen at the top level of the school
  • School transforms into defense mode with a ramp that lowers, rotating flags at the front, disc shooter on the roof of one classroom and a chain shooter on top of the school
  • Lena Luthor's jet includes an opening cockpit, rotating thrusters and a rotating gripping claw on the front
  • Poison Ivy's motorbike includes a plant shooter
  • Defend Super Hero High School and the valuable amethyst from Lena Luthor and the Kryptomites with the help of Supergirl, Poison Ivy and her plant Frankie

Lego City Cargo Terminal

$79.99 $63.99

  • Includes 4 minifigures: office worker, 2 cargo center workers and a truck driver.
  • Features a truck with minifigure cab, trailer and space for 4 containers, a working forklift with minifigure cab and a telehandler with rotating, telescopic arm and minifigure cab.
  • Also includes a gatehouse with raising barrier and sliding window, a pallet storage rack that holds up to 4 pallets, plus a buildable lawn mower and water scooter.
  • Raise the gatehouse barrier to let the truck in and out of the Cargo Terminal.
  • Push down the lever on the back of the forklift blades to raise them.
  • Load the pallets into the containers or storage area with the forklift.
  • Turn the knob on the back of the telehandler to raise the arm.
  • Hook the telehandler arm to a container to load it on the trailer.
  • Accessory items include several LEGO® boxes, lawnmower attachments (shovel and mower blade), hand truck, broom, wrench, walkie-talkie, coffee machine and 4 mugs.
  • Truck with trailer measures over 3” (8cm) high, 15” (40cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

Lego Minecraft The Nether Fortress

$79.99 $63.99

  • Age range of the LEGO the Nether fortress: 8 years and up
  • Materials: plastic
  • Light the obsidian portal and step through to reach The Nether Fortress
  • Help Alex defeat the Blaze that guards the fortress
  • Take your diamond pick axe and mine glowstone to light your way
  • Be careful not to trigger a lava flow with this LEGO fortress

Lego City Coast Guard Headquarters

$119.99 $95.99

  • Includes 7 minifigures: 6 coast guard members (three shipmates, 2 helicopter crewmates, one headquarters crewmate) and a sailor, plus 2 animal figures: a shark and an octopus
  • Features a 2-level observation headquarters, coast guard ship, helicopter with helipad, speedboat and a buildable buoy
  • Headquarters features a moving radar dish, antennas and office rooms
  • Coast guard ship features an opening deck and bridge, moving radar and searchlight, medical area below the deck with stretcher and equipment, and a rescue craft with launch function
  • Helicopter features spinning rotors, pontoons, opening 3-minifigure cockpit, plus a helipad
  • Speedboat features dual drop-down motors and 2 water elements
  • Both boats float
  • Fire the ‘flare’ element from the flare launcher by pushing down the small lever
  • Spin the rotors on the helicopter to take off from the helipad
  • Lift the hook attached to the rescue craft to launch it from the ship

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

$34.99 $27.99

  • Designed with builders of all ages in mind, this collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors will encourage open-ended building play, and inspire any imagination
  • Windows, eyes and lots and lots of wheels add to the fun and offer endless possibilities for creative construction and vehicle play with this Classic Medium LEGO storage box
  • Great supplement set to any existing LEGO collection, this set comes in a convenient plastic storage box and includes ideas to get the building started

Lego Friends Heartlake Sports Centre Building Kit


  • Features opening lockers, gym with punch bag and gymnastic rings, juice bar, rolling treadmill, exercise bar and mirror, basketball game with shooting function, soccer goal, bike rack and a bicycle
  • Accessory elements include balls, bill, pineapple, water bottle, weights and a yoga mat
  • Includes Mia and Robert mini-doll figures
  • Sports center measures over 4" (12cm) high, 9" (23cm) wide and 5" (15cm) deep

Sharper Image Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights


  • The Mini Responsive Speaker from Sharper Image offers delivers big features from its small footprint
  • Although this tiny speaker only takes up a few inches of space, its mighty sound and endlessly entertaining lights stand out
  • Choose from several light settings, both responsive that moves to the beat of your music, or preprogrammed settings for a passive but pretty light show
  • Connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices or use an aux-in cord (included) to play your favorite music
  • Responsive lights speaker with option for preprogrammed lights
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Compact size and small footprint for easy placement
  • Sleek design fits in to office or home settings
  • Aux-in cable for wired use for devices with 3.5mm jacks

Lego Elves Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

$59.99 $47.99

  • Includes two mini-doll figures: Azari and Farran, plus three goblin figures: Bieblin, Fibblin and Smilin, and Panthara the Panther and Hidee the Chameleon figures
  • Features three Goblin Village buildings: a crystal workshop, a cage-making workshop and a dungeon
  • Crystal workshop includes an opening door, treasure chest, magnifying glass and rotating crystal platform, toilet, bed with secret drawer to hold strawberries, evil plants, secret stairs and a catapult with carnivore plant garden
  • Cage-making workshop features an opening door, lookout, cage-making tools and a fireplace.
  • Dungeon includes an exploding gate function and a goblin slide
  • Also includes a large cage on wheels with room for an animal figure

Lego City: Volcano Explorers - Volcano Supply Helicopter Building Kit (330 Piece)

$49.99 $39.99

  • Includes 3 minifigures: a female volcano explorer, male volcano worker and a pilot
  • Features a volcano supply helicopter with spinning rotors, opening rear ramp and a lowering winch and hook, excavator with an arm and hook for carrying boulders, and a boulder rack
  • Accessory elements include 2 boulders, 2 crystal elements, a box and a pickaxe
  • Volcano supply helicopter measures over 4" high, 12" long and 10" wide
  • Excavator measures over 3" high, 2" long, and 2" wide
  • Boulder opener tool measure over 3" high, 1" wide and 3" deep

Lego Creator Island Adventures Building Kit


  • Features a seaplane with twin engines with spinning propellers, landing floats and a detailed cockpit
  • 3-in-1 model: Rebuilds into an island hut or a speedboat
  • Includes a mini figure with clean-shaven or bearded appearance
  • Seaplane measures over 3" (8cm) high, 9" (24cm) long and 11" (29cm) wide
  • Also includes a buildable tropical island with two palm trees, empty bottle and map accessory elements
  • Island measures over 2" (6cm) high, 2" (7cm) wide and 2" (6cm) deep

Mega Bloks First Builders Building Blocks Classic


  • 100 Pieces
  • Classic colors: blue, red, yellow, green

Neon Tabletop Air Hocky Game


  • This tabletop air hockey table features real air hockey action with a battery-powered air motor inside
  • It has a black wood finish with neon green field lines and is the perfect size for storing easily
  • Set includes two neon green paddles and pucks, individual scoreboards and a puck return slot on both sides
  • Requires 8 "AA" batteries (sold separately
  • Assembly required
  • Wood, plastic and metal
  • 22"L x 12 1/4" W x 3 3/4" H
  • For ages 5 & up

Kid Designs My Little Pony Sing Along Boombox


  • MP3 connector to sing along to your favorite playlists
  • Real working microphone
  • Storage compartment for MP3 player for easy portability

Lego City Fire Response Unit

$39.99 $31.99

  • Features a helicopter with rotating blades and cargo doors that open, and a motorcycle with space for a fire extinguisher
  • Fly the helicopter over the container to release the water elements and turn the container roof element, putting out the fire
  • Accessory elements include a saw and fire extinguisher
  • Fire ATV measures over 1" (3cm) high, 2" (6cm) long and 1" (5cm) wide