Libman 101 Results


Libman Dust Mop


  • 61" steel handle with 5" grip secured to chrome-plated, steel swiveled clip attachment and steel frame
  • 100% high-quality cotton and cut-end fringe pick up dust and dirt better
  • Extra large 24" x 5" mop head is machine washable and easily zips off
  • 1" thick

Libman 24" Curved Floor Squeegee


  • Squeegee blade is fastened with lock nuts to avoid loosening
  • Best for use on smooth surfaces such as concrete

Libman Large Heavy Duty Wet Mop


  • Wet mop
  • Heavy duty
  • 4 ply
  • 100% cotton yarn
  • Looped end with 1/2" tail band

Libman Roller Mop With Scrub Brush


  • Unique angled head puts more sponge on the floor
  • 12" wide absorbent, tear resistant sponge wipes dry
  • 10 1/2" scrub brush
  • Ergonomic grip is pushed to wring and pulled to change sponge
  • 53" Extra thick steel hangle with hanger hole

Libman Extra Large Microfiber Floor Mop


  • Extra large 19" x 9" premium microfiber mophead
  • Head swivels 360 degrees to reach tough spots
  • Extra thick steel handle and hanger hole for storage

Libman 36" Curved Floor Squeegee


  • Blade Material: Rubber
  • Handle Length: 60"
  • Overall Width: 36"

Libman Toilet Brush & Plunger Combo


  • Saves space
  • Will not tip over
  • Well-ventilated for fast drying
  • Looks great in any bathroom

Libman 12 Foot Extension Handle


  • Three piece handle knocks down to approximately 4.5 feet
  • Light weight and durable aluminum with 5" hanger tip
  • Dual use threaded and tapered end

Libman 24" Rough Surface Commercial Push Broom


  • 4" Long, stiff polymer fibers
  • 1.13" Thick wood handle and 15" ergonomic grip with handle tip
  • Super tough polymer brace won't rust or bend

Libman Telescopic Window Washer Squeegee


  • Aluminum handle extends to 8 feet to clean windows
  • 10" Wide scrub net and sponge head
  • Flip over head to use the 10in. rubber blade to wipe windows without streaking
  • Built-in hanger tip for storage

Libman Lobby Dust Pan and Broom Set


  • This Lobby Broom and Dustpan set makes it easy to clean up large messes in little time; The 10" wide Lobby Broom stows within the Dustpan and clips to the handle for easy storage
  • The tall dust pan is 12" wide and 36" tall when open
  • The broom is constructed from a 3/4" steel handle with hanger hole and 58 tufts of long, flexible polymer fibers with solid plastic block
  • The split-end fibers provide for superior cleaning and dust collection
  • This sturdy and durable combo is ideal for both residential and commercial use

Libman 24" Straight Floor Squeegee Replacement Head


  • 24" Straight rubber blade
  • Bolted metal frame with tapered handle connector
  • Extra thick, durable rubber blade
  • Replacement blade head only

Libman Big Tornado Mop


  • 3 Red bands prevent tangling
  • Unique ratchet design locks and holds
  • 30% More blended yard
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Steel handle with hanger hole

Libman 19" Multi-surface Push Broom


  • 4" Long firm yet flexible split-tip fibers pick up dust and dirt from a variety of surfaces
  • 1" Thick, 60" long steel handle features oversized thread that won't work loose from broom-head

Libman Big Gator Mop


  • Sponge Width: 11.25"
  • Scrub Brush Width: 10"
  • Material: Steel Handle and Polypropylene Components
  • Sponge Material: Synthetic with cellulose surface

Libman Flex Blade Floor Squeegee


  • 18" Wide soft foam blade for uneven surfaces
  • 54" Long, hardwood tapered handle
  • Removes water from concrete, tile, and brick

Libman Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom With Dustpan


  • 2 Contrasting color bands of polymer fiber made from 80% recycled plastic bottles
  • Longer life
  • Environmentally friendly fiber
  • Steel handle with hanger hole
  • Solid one pieceresin block
  • 6.5" Long fiber

Libman High Power 3-in-1 Window Cleaner


  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications.
  • Easy to use.
  • 10” microfiber scrubber cloth is non-shedding, and non-scratching.
  • 10” virgin vulcanized rubber blade helps provide a streak-free shine.
  • Top can be rotated so squeegee is adjacent to spray nozzle.
  • Polypropylene molded bottle.
  • Machine washable microfiber cloth.

Libman Big Corn Broom


  • Extra large 100% naturally split-end broomcorn fibers move their dirt better than any other natural material
  • 5 Rows of stitching secure fibers to 1" thick, 42" long steel handle

Libman 24" Dust Mop Refill


  • 24" x 5" dust mop head
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable in mesh net bag
  • Cotton mop refill has a zipper opening for quick and easy use
  • Works with the Libman #922 commercial dust mop

Libman Industrial Grade Dust Pan


  • Heavy duty, oversized dustpan with 19" wide scoop
  • Can withstand more than 530 lbs without deforming or cracking
  • Made from heavy duty polypropylene
  • Family made in the USA since 1896

Libman 12" Window Cleaning Squeegee & Washer


  • Microfiber lifts and locks deep down dirt
  • For applying cleaning solution and scrubbing windows
  • Dual squeegee and microfiber washer for cleaning and streak-free drying
  • Threaded connection and friction fits any telescopic handle

Libman All-Surface Brush Head


  • Brush head, only
  • Dual surface brush easily cleans steps, grout and other uneven surfaces
  • The soft fibers make the brush very versatile to be used on multi-surface applications
  • 10" x 6" Dual sided scrubbing surface
  • Family made in the USA since 1896