Lifetyme 3 Results


Lifetyme Turf Type Tall Fescue


  • This mixture contains four improved turf type fall fescues
  • New varieties require less watering
  • Less fertilizer requirements
  • Adapts to poor soil conditions
  • Tolerates drought conditions
  • 5 lb Bag

Lifetyme Kwik Green Grass Seed

$6.49 - $59.99

  • This mixture contains two turf type fall fescues, fine leaf perennial rye grass, and annual rye grass
  • Formulated for poor growing conditions or warmer weather

Lifetyme Shady Grass Seed Mix


  • Contains creeping red fescue, fine leaf perennial rye, and annual rye grass seed
  • A blend of high performance grasses for shaded areas
  • 2 lb or 5 lb bag available