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Lufkin Contractors Measuring Wheel


  • Retractable handle adjusts for comfortable measurements
  • Dial indicator measures up to 999' 11" without restarting
  • Tough plastic parts and molded rubber tires resist corrosion

Lufkin Red End Folding Wood Rule With Extension Slide Rule


  • 6' x 5/8" Folding ruler
  • Graduated slide rule extends up to 6"
  • Slide rule runs under friction in T-slot - stops at each end prevent slide from falling out
  • Marked both sides and both edges in standard (non-metric) measurements
  • Graduated to 1/16"
  • 16" Stud centers in red, regular outside markings

Lufkin 25' 700 Series Hi-Visibility Tape Measure

$9.99 $4.99

  • Pull blade out and it stays extended automatically until you squeeze the release to retract with maximum control
  • Blade release is recessed to reduce accidental uncontrolled tape retraction

Lufkin 2-Pack 25' Tape Measure Set


  • Comes in a pack of 2 25' measuring tapes
  • 1" width
  • 1/16" Graduation
  • Belt Clip

Lufkin Tape Measure Kit W/ 1" X 25' & 1" x 6' Tool

$8.99 $3.99

  • Includes 1" x 25' and 1" x 6' tape measurers
  • Plastic contour case fits comfortably in the hand
  • Slide lock for easy control
  • Clear-coated blade for more durable markings

Lufkin Hi Viz Measuring Tape


  • Hi-Viz orange case makes it easy to spot on the job
  • Clear coat blade protection for more durable markings
  • Case designed to fit comfortably in hand
  • Slide lock design allows for easy control of tape blade
  • Wide base helps keep tape standing upright
  • Easy-to-read yellow clad blade
  • Fits easily in most tape holsters
  • 1" x 25' (A5) Blade

Lufkin 1/2" x 12' Hi-Viz Power Return Measuring Tape


  • Full length clear coat for more durable markings
  • The exclusive pivot lock makes reach and securing the tape even easier
  • The new case design fits comfortably in your hand
  • Includes an A1 blade, top edge graduated feet and-Inch in 1/16ths, bottom edge graduated in 1/32nds first 12-Feet