Merricks 4 Results


Merricks Oral Bottle Feeder - 2 qt


  • For use in safely administering medication and nutritional products to newborn calves
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Semi-flexible tubes
  • Soft rounded tips
  • Easy to handle clamps to help control the desired flow
  • Unique air valve allows the proper flow of liquid to the calf
  • Included with each system is a complimentary Super-Calf nipple, featuring Merrick's patented design

Merricks Calf "Blue Ribbon" 5 lb Electrolyte


  • An electrolyte supplement with nutrients and special direct-fed microbials for sick/scouring calves, transporting calves and during times of stress

Merricks Aspirin Boluse 240 Grain 50 Count Bottle


  • For temporary relief of minor pain associated with muscular strains, sprains, or skeletal inflammation

Merricks Blue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte


  • Supplemental source of electrolytes and nutrients