National 140 Results


National Expanded Steel Grid


  • Manufactured from 13 gauge hot-rolled steel
  • Unfinished plain steel
  • 24" X 12", 3/4" grid pattern
  • Can be used for machinery guards, screen door protectors, etc.
  • LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty

National 4072BC Sheet Metal


  • This steel sheet with lock-forming qualities is designed for easy bending and forming
  • Continuous hot-dip zinc coating can be formed without flaking or peeling
  • Meets ASTM Specification A653
  • 24" x 24", Galvanized

National Sliding Bolt Gate Latch


  • Designed for right or left hand swinging gates
  • Rounded edges to protect livestock
  • Sturdy design gives years of trouble-free service
  • To lock, use National's #33S plate staple and a padlock
  • Lags and mounting screws included
  • Hot rolled steel guides; steel rod bar and strike

National 13 Door/Gate Latches


  • Designed for use with left or right hand swinging doors, sliding doors and gates
  • Strong latch for stall doors, barns and livestock enclosures
  • Cam action eliminates door rattle
  • Can be padlocked for extra security
  • Manufactured from hot rolled steel plate, steel rod bar

National 2110 Safety Gate Hooks


  • A heavy duty safety hook designed for gates, doors and other applications where positive latching is desired
  • Safety lock closes automatically to help prevent accidental opening by livestock
  • Fasteners included for installation
  • Manufactured from steel wire and hot-rolled steel
  • 8" , Zinc plated

National Adjustable Spring Hinge


  • Adjustable to provide desired closing speed for a variety of applications
  • Full-surface application, no mortising required
  • Tight pin for either right or left hand applications
  • Manufactured from cold-rolled steel, solid brass adjustable collar
  • Heavy-duty

National Black Finish Latch


  • Black finish
  • 1-3/4"

National Screen/Storm Door Hinge


  • Surface mounted, so no mortise/cutout required
  • Pin taps out for door removal, which allows extra space for items to pass through door ways when needed
  • Holes are countersunk on both sides allowing screw heads to sit flush with hinges
  • Size: 3" x 2-1/2"

National 4067BC Square Tubes - 16 Gauge


  • Designed for frames, railings, truck racks, gates and other commercial and industrial applications
  • Tubing is electric-resistance welded
  • Hot-rolled plain steel
  • Meets ASTM Specification A513

National V7619 Safety Cable for Extension Springs


  • 8'8" x 1/8", Galvanized
  • This cable is installed through the extension spring and anchored on both ends in order to contain the extension spring should it happen to break under tension
  • One end of the cable has a bracket for mounting to the door track
  • The other end is looped and ferruled for easy connection to the support brace with the included quick link
  • It is an important safety item as it helps prevent injury and property damage in case of extension spring breakage

National Heavy Strap Hinge


  • Zinc plated

National Sheet Metal


  • This general-purpose steel sheet is designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Plain Steel

National Key Hasp Lock


  • 4 1/2" Key lock
  • Chrome Finish

National 2180BC Turnbuckle Gate Hook


  • Designed for heavy warehouse, grain bin, machine shed doors, etc.
  • After a door is closed and hooked, it can be drawn tightly shut by rotating turnbuckle
  • Hex-shaped body allows for ease of adjustment by hand or with a wrench
  • Prevents door rattling
  • Hook and eye are made of steel

National Screen Door Catches


  • Designed to hold screen and storm doors shut
  • Closing action of door engages catch and releases strong steel spring
  • Spring tension closes door and holds it in shut position
  • Steel frame and spring with rubber rollers
  • Includes 2 - no.7 by 5/8-Inch Phillips slot oval head screws
  • Zinc plated finish

National Screen/Storm Door Sets


  • Surface mounted so that no mortise/cutout is required
  • Holes are countersunk on both sides for half-surface, full-surface or offset applications
  • Kit contains 14 - no.8 by 3/4-Inch Phillips slot flat head screws
  • Hinge pins are removable for easy door removal
  • Holes are countersunk on both sides for half surface, half mortise or offset applications
  • The pins are removable for easy door installation

National V196 Turnbuckle


  • Hex-shaped aluminum body allows easy adjustment of length
  • The heavy-gauge wire is for maximum support. Eliminates sag
  • 50-Inch size for wider doors
  • 2-Inch adjustment

National 4062BC Solid Flats - 1/8" Thick


  • Designed as supports for construction or industrial applications
  • Excellent forming and welding characteristics
  • Hot-rolled plain steel
  • Meets ASTM Specification A1011
  • 1/2" x 72", Plain Steel

National Plain Steel Smooth Rod


  • Plain Steel
  • 1/2" x 48"

National 3/4"-10X36" T Rod


  • Zinc plated

National V7640 Universal Locking T-Handle


  • Can be used on many camper tops
  • Chrome finish
  • Shaft is 5/16-Inch by 4-Inch
  • Read and understand all instructions before beginning work

National 177 Flush Ring Pulls


  • Designed for use on chests and doors where handle sets flush with surface
  • Recessed handle for total flush mounting
  • Four screws included for secure mounting
  • Manufactured from steel

National 77BC Door/Gate Spring


  • Steel 1" wire spring
  • Looped ends for easy installation
  • Designed for doors and lightweight gates
  • Lifespan limited lifetime warranty

National V7647 Side Locks


  • Mounts with screws to inside edges of sectional doors
  • 7-1/2-Inch wide, un-handed
  • Used alone or with National 7642 handle
  • Zinc plated finish