Nelson Plastics 2 Results


Nelson Plastics 50575 Female Hose/Female 1/2" NPS Fitting


  • Industrial brass pipe and hose fitting with one swivel for 1/2-Inch male NPS to male hose, double female 50575
  • Double female swivel 3/4-inch female (nh) on both ends
  • Connects male garden hose on both ends
  • Sheet brass
  • Connects male garden hose (nh) to 1/2" male pipe (nps)
  • Swivel coupling

Nelson Plastics Corrugated Tree Guard

$2.69 - $4.69

  • Corrugated tree guard made of low density polyethylene
  • Protects tender bark against damage from mowers, trimmers, sun scald, rodent damage, deer antler rubs and girdling from rabbits