Nicholson 7 Results


Nicholson Handly File


  • A combination file with single cut for sharpening edged tools and double cut for rapid removal of metal
  • One edge is "cut" other is "safe" or "uncut"
  • 8"

Nicholson 4-In-Hand File


  • 8" American pattern 4-in-Hand rasp file
  • Half round shape
  • File section and rasp section on both sides

Nicholson Flat File


  • 8" American pattern flat file, bastard cut
  • Allows for rapid removal of metal
  • Double cut on sides, single cut on edges

Nicholson # 5 Handle With Inserts


  • Plastic file handle with four interchangeable inserts to fit most popular files
  • Contured to fit hand for straight, lathe and draw filing
  • Non-slip textured finish

Nicholson Mill File

$6.99 - $10.99

  • American pattern mill file, bastard cut
  • Sharpens mill or circular saws
  • Also for draw filing and finishing metals

Nicholson Full Round File

$6.99 - $7.99

  • American pattern round file
  • Bastard cut
  • Primarily designed for sharpening circular openings or concave surfaces
  • Tapered slightly towards point
  • Handle not included

Nicholson Half Round File

$10.99 - $16.99

  • Rounded on one side, flat on opposite side
  • Used on convex and concave as well as flat surfaces
  • The flat side of all half round files are double-cut
  • Handle not included