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Panther Martin 5 Results


Panther Martin 1/8 Holographic Spinner

$4.99 $4.24

  • Unique convex/concave shape and blade sends out sonic vibrations that send fish into a feeding frenzy
  • Heavy-weighted body casts further and goes down deeper
  • Blade mounted directly on shaft for easy spinning at any retrieve speed

Panther Martin 1/16 Holographic Spinner

$4.99 $4.24

  • Blade mounted directly on shaft for easy spinning

Panther Martin 1/8 oz Classic Regular Spinner

$3.99 $3.39

  • Deadly on trout, bass, pike, muskie, salmon, pickerel, and steelhead

Panther Martin 1/16 Oz Classic Spinner

$3.99 $3.39

  • Spinner blade design defies convention by being both concave and convex
  • Blade spins like an off-center propeller around the shaft

Panther Martin 1/32 Classic Regular

$3.29 $2.80

  • Deadly on Trout, Bass, Pike, Muskie, Salmon, Pickerel and Steelhead
  • Genuine gold or silver plated blades