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9"-12" Channel Catfish

Harrison Fishery 9"-12" Channel Catfish

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Channel catfish are one of the fastest growing freshwater fish in North America. For this reason they have become the most important commercially raised fish in the US dominating the fish raised for meat market. They are also great for farm pond acting as omnivores that scour the bottom cleaning up detritus. The larger fish are somewhat predacious, but if the pond is fed with a floating feed the catfish grow so well on that diet that there is very little predation.

They also help you diversify your prey base as they do reproduce in ponds and do so later in the summer than most other species helping create another burst of young prey for the predator species. Often almost all the young catfish will be consumed and not make it too adulthood in a pond unless it is quite turbid, due in part to their poor eyesight. Catfish get around mostly by their sense of smell and the sense of their lateral line which gives them an advantage in turbid water but leaves them susceptible to sight feeders in clear water. Some people believe that catfish make a pond turbid, but the clarity of your water has much more to do with your water and soil chemistry that what fish are present.

  • Iowa's offical fish
  • Known for its whisker-like features
  • Olive to light blue body with a flat head and slender body
  • Sold individually
  • Suggested stocking rate for 1-acre pond: 100-500 (supplement feed if more than 200)
  • Recommended amount of water for hauling is 50 gallons of water per 100 fish 9"-12"
  • Fish Transportation
    • Never use water with chlorine or chloramine
    • Livestock watering tanks, plastic or metal garbage cans, or other large containers could be used
    • Use a lid or cover
    • Get fish in your pond as soon as possible
    • Temper your fish in the container by slowly adding water from the pond before releasing fish if more than a 10 degree difference

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