Revenge 10 Results


Revenge Ant Killer Dust


  • Indoor/outdoor waterproof deltamethrin dust provides 8 month residual action
  • Odorless and fast acting
  • Kills all ants, including fire ants, termites, and carpenter ants
  • Also provides excellent results on spiders, wasps, bees (including ground bees), scorpions, fleas, box elder bugs, & roaches

Revenge Ant Killer Granules


  • Kills ants and other insects

Revenge Pre-filled Liquid Ant Baits 3pk


  • Kills Ants
  • best control of large/multiple colony problems
  • Indoor/Outdoor use

Revenge Moth Traps


  • Use a pheromone lure to attract and capture pantry pests
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Lasts for 3 months

Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb


  • Repells & kills rodents

Revenge No Escape Jumbo Fly Catcher


  • 8 Feet long
  • Big wide roll for maximum fly catching capacity
  • One sided coating for clean, easy application to walls, ceilings, poles, or trees
  • UV stable, non-drying "memory glue" won't ahere to skin
  • Lasts for up to 12 weeks
  • No fumes, non-toxic, and contains special fly lure
  • Includes:
    • Thumb tacs

Revenge No Escape Fly Catcher Ribbon


  • Attracts and captures flies

Revenge Window Fly Catcher


  • Stop flies from entering your home with the Bonide Revenge Window and Screen Fly Catchers
  • These convenient adhesive strips offer a nontoxic and inconspicuous method of controlling flies, gnats, moths, and other flying insects
  • The top adhesive strip on each trap binds to windows or screens in moments, and the transparent plastic makes them almost invisible
  • A 2.5” wide band of glue captures any insects that come too near to the strip
  • These catchers are particularly effective when placed on a sunny window or screen

Revenge Ant Granules


  • Kills within 24 hours
  • Use as a perimeter barrier product or as a broadcast application
  • Kills ants, fleas, ticks and dozens of other listed insects
  • Contains 0.04% lambda-cyhalothrin on quick release granules

Revenge Fly Swatter


  • Plastic swatter with metal handle