Roebic 3 Results


Roebic K-77 Root Killer


  • Destroys clogging roots fast
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • Will not harm septic tanks
  • Saves costly digging and rooter service

Roebic Mainline Cleaner


  • Recommended for city sewer lines and septic systems, naturally breaks down waste
  • Digests sewage solids, fats, grease, and paper
  • Ideal for low-flow toilets
  • Safe for pipes, garbage disposals, and the environment
  • 1 Quart bottle

Roebic Septic Tank Activator

$8.99 - $13.99

  • Contains anaerobic spore-bearing bacteria selected, conditioned and cultured for use in septic tanks
  • Resistant to soaps and detergents; continually produces enzymes which digest protein, keep tank contents liquid and prevent over-accumulation of organic waste
  • A single treatment prevents tank clogging and build-up for one full year. One quart treats one 500 gallon capacity tank