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Sellars Tool Box 200 Count Shop Towels Refill


  • Quantity of (4) : Sellars # 5520701 Toolbox, 200 Count, Blue Shop Towels Refill
  • Refills Sellars Big Grip Bucket # 5520801
  • Made in USA

Sellars Tool Box Brand Blue Shop Towels - 6 Pack


  • 360 All purpose disposable towels
  • Works like cloth
  • Absorbs oil and grease
  • Strong when wet
  • 60 Sheets per roll - 6 rolls per pack
  • Made in the USA

Sellars Tool Box Brand White Rags Paper Cloth


  • TOOLBOX® white rags are ideal for painting, staining, window cleaning, general cleaning and 1000's of other uses around the shop or home
  • TOOLBOX® white rags are up to 3x stronger when wet than the leading kitchen towel brand
  • Works like cloth
  • Extremely soft and absorbent rags are also durable enough for your toughest jobs
  • Packaged in a cardboard center-pull dispenser box with convenient carrying handle
  • TOOLBOX® white rags are made with 25% recycled fibers
  • Made in the USA

Sellars Tool Box Brand Blue Shop Towels


  • Works like cloth, soft on hands and face
  • Blue color helps hide grease and grime better than white towels allowing for longer use before being discarded
  • TOOLBOX® Shop Towels are made with 40% post-consumer recycled fibers (based only on the product's fiber content, which represents a minimum of 85% of the total product weight)
  • Meets the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
  • TOOLBOX® Shop Towels are made in the USA