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Southwire 14 Gauge 2 Conductor 250-Foot Building Wire


  • Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volt
  • Outer jacket is PVC rated at 75 degrees Celsius
  • Dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade
  • Exposed or concealed wiring
  • May be fished through walls, ceilings, and masonry blocks
  • Use for new wiring or replacement wiring
  • Only for use in normally dry locations
  • Trade Size Amp=14/2

Southwire UF Building Wire w/Ground

$69.99 - $209.99

  • Type THHN insulation, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volt
  • Gray PVC jacket
  • For applications of direct burial, dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade, underground feeder to outdoor lighting or apparatus, exposed or concealed wiring in damp, moist, wet, dry, and corrosive locations
  • Flame retardant, moisture, fungus, and corrosion resistant
  • General branch circuit wiring and new wiring or replacement wiring
  • Sunlight resistant jacket
  • JC-30B Federal specification, ASTM B-3, ASTM B-8 and NY state DOS 16120-880923-2002
  • UL Listed
  • With bare ground

Southwire 8/3 Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable


  • This type NM-B cable is designed specifically for use in residential and commercial wiring of branch circuits
  • Installation above ground and in dry locations only
  • Approved for service to 600V
  • It has PVC jacket and PVC insulated, nylon jacketed conductors with ground (WG)
  • Flame-retardant and crush-resistant
  • Due to the fluctuation of the copper market, Do it Best Corp
  • We reserve the right to substitute similar quality by various manufacturers

Southwire THHN Single Wire in 500 Ft Roll

$69.99 - $74.99

  • Can replace TW, THW-RHH and RHW
  • Thermoplastic PVC 90 degrees Celsius nylon armored machine tool, building or fixture wire
  • UL Listed as 90 degrees MYW
  • 105 degrees CAWM moisture, oil and gasoline resistant
  • Premium grade flame retardant PVC jacket

Southwire N.M. Building Wire With Ground

$16.99 - $109.99

  • Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volt
  • Solid strands
  • Outer jacket is PVC
  • Rated at 75 degrees Celsius
  • Amp rating of the product is limited to that for 60 degrees Celsius rated conductors per the National Electric Code Article 336