Stockade 25 Results


Stockade Eliminator IGR Fly Control


  • Save time! Save money! Stockade Eliminator IGR Tub is the most convenient solution to your fly problem
  • Protein, mineral, vitamins and fly control all in one 200 lb. tub. It just doesn't get any easier than that

Stockade Super 6 Mineral Bag


  • Stockade Super 6 Mineral is a 6% Phosphorus mineral for beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, and horses
  • Super 6 is fortified with trace minerals and vitamins and contains readily available phosphorus

Stockade Super 10 Mineral Bag


  • Stockade Super 10 Mineral is a 10% Phosphorus mineral with a 2:1 Calcium-Phosphorus ratio
  • It is approved for beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats and horses and contains vital trace mineral and vitamins and readily available Phosphorus

Stockade Sheep Mineral Block


  • Stockade sheep mineral block is an excellent source of key minerals and is fortified with trave minerals and high vitamin levels
  • It promotes fast growing, quality wool and sturdy frames in addtion to bolstering reproductive and immune systems
  • 40 lbs

Stockade Mag-Lix Mineral Bag


  • STOCKADE Mag-Lix Mineral aids in reducing the incidence of grass tetany by supplying supplemental magnesium for cattle grazing lush new grass, small cereal grains such as wheat pasture or recently fertilized succulent pastures
  • Palatability is assured by molasses content, Stockade Mag-Lix Mineral contains our highest level of Magnesium, 15%

Stockade Dried Kandy Kid Molasses


  • Stockade Kandy Kid stimulates appetite and enhances growth and productivity. It increases the palatability of most feedstuffs including roughages and is ideal as a silage sweetener and preservative
  • Kandy Kid free flowing granules are an excellent source of energy for mixing or individual feeding. Kandy Kid Dried Molasses is our most popular dried molasses and contains 42% sugars

Stockade Bloat Guard Pressed Block


  • Protects against frothy bloat in legume and wheat pastures when used as directed
  • Allows worry-free utilization of high quality legume pastures
  • Consistent consumption results in continuous delivery of Bloat Guard and thus reliable protection
  • Weather-resistant blocks can be placed directly in pastures with cattle and require no special feeders or bunks

Stockade Sheep & Goat Mineral Bag


  • STOCKADE Sheep Mineral is an excellent source of key minerals and is fortified with trace minerals and high vitamin levels. It promotes fast growing, quality wool and sturdy frames in addition to bolstering reproductive and immune systems
  • 50 lb Bag

Stockade Kandy Mag Mineral Bag


  • Stockade Kandy Mag Mineral is our most popular high magnesium mineral and contains 13.5% Magnesium

Stockade ADE Vitamin Premix Feed


  • STOCKADE Stock A-D-E is the ideal source for vitamins A, D3 and E for cattle, swine, sheep, and poultry
  • 25 lb Bag

Stockade Poultry Supplement Block


  • STOCKADE Poultry Supplement block provides nutrients for poultry
  • 25 lb Block

Stockade 3 Way Mineral Block


  • STOCKADE 3-Way Block is a quality cane molasses block that provides sugars for energy and palatability, stimulates rumen function to improve utilization of grains and roughages and supplies essential minerals and vitamins
  • The 20% sugars helps prevent pregnancy toxemia (ketosis) in sheep and goats. It should be fed free choice the last trimester of pregnancy through weaning.

Stockade 4% Phos Block


  • 4% Phos 40 lb Block

Stockade Fly Control Block with Rabon


  • STOCKADE Fly Control Block with rabon oral larvacide prevents the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies, and stable flies in the manure of treated cattle and horses
  • It may be fed free choice to beef cattle, lactating dairy cattle on pasture and all classes of horses

Stockade Meat Goat Mineral, 25lbs


  • Made for the nutritional needs of goats
  • Idela for all classes
  • Delivers correct levels of copper and selenium as well as other minerals and vitamins

Stockade Meat Goat Protein Block


  • STOCKADE Meat Goat Block is an economical and convenient protein supplement, fortified with necessary minerals and vitamins and formulated specifically for meat goats
  • 33.3 lb Block

Stockade Horse Power Block


  • STOCKADE Horse Power Block is a highly fortified supplement formulated specifically for horses
  • It supplies essential proteins, minerals and vitamins with cane molasses to stimulate feed and water intake and supply energy
  • 33.3 lb Block

Stockade Deer Mineral


  • STOCKADE Deer Mineral with apple flavoring builds strong, sturdy frames and antlers, and improves reproduction
  • A source of readily digestible phosphorus, it also provides important trace minerals and vitamins.

Stockade Mag 12 Mineral Block


  • Designed for early spring pastures that may be prone to grass tetany or pastures receiving high levels of poultry litter as fertilizer
  • Will reliably draw cattle in day after day
  • Can be easily mixed and matched with other Stockade protein supplements when pasture quality is lacking

Stockade Horse Mineral


  • STOCKADE Horse Mineral is specifically formulated for horses. It provides quality minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins to build strong, sturdy frames and bolster reproductive and immune systems

Stockade Horse Mineral Block


  • Stockade Horse Mineral Block is specifically formulated for horses and contains all the minerals, trace minerals and vitamins required for sturdy, well muscled, healthy animals

Stockade 18% Sheep & Goat Protein Block


  • Block sheep & goat protein block is an economical and convenient way to supplement sheep nutrient needs
  • It is fortifies with vitamins A, D & E and has no added copper
  • 33.3 lb

Stockade 37% Block


  • 37% For Beef Cattle on Pasture Block

Stockade Deer & Wild Game Block


  • Stockade Deer & Wild Game Block contains only natural proteins and ground and whole flakes grains
  • It is iberally fortified with minerals, trace nuberals and vitamins
  • Can be fed to ruminant and non-ruminint wild animals as well as game birds