Tarter 35 Results


Tarter Bolt In Bail 2200 Bucket Spear


  • Two stabilizer spikes and a replaceable heavy-duty heat-treated spear
  • It easily mounts and dismounts with a single bolt without removing front bucket and is capable of lifting bales up to 2200 lbs
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat gray

Tarter Equine Hay Basket


  • Perfect for feeding square bales to horses in their natural feeding position
  • Keeps the hay dry and off the ground
  • Smooth-sided poly basket for horse safety

Tarter 3-Point Heavy Duty Super Spear


  • 3-point rear attach hay mover for moving and lifting round bales
  • Category I quick-hitch hookup (Cat. I pins included)
  • Heavy-duty replaceable heat-treated upper spear and two lower welded stabilizer bars for extra hold and stability
  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • Bale must be fully seated against frame of spear before attempting to move 
  • Height: 26-1/4″
  • Approx. Empty Spear Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Width: 36″
  • Overall Length: 51-1/2″
  • Center Spear Length: 45″
  • Stabilizer Spike Length: 14-1/2″
  • Max. Bale Capacity: 2,000 lbs.

Tarter Metal Grain Feeder


  • Ideal for easily feeding large or small herds of livestock
  • One of the heaviest bunks on the market constructed of 14-gauge steel with heavy-duty legs
  • Designed for easy stacking

Tarter Medium-Duty Tillage Disc


  • 20 blade 6' disc
  • 3-Point rear attach tillage disc used to prepare soil for planting
  • Heavy-duty angle-iron frame with 10-18" x 3mm smooth blades, and heavy-duty sealed bearings

Tarter Cattleman Squeeze Chute with Auto Gate


  • Single-lever, double-sided squeeze mechanism with heavy-duty linkage
  • Heavy-duty squeeze lever for improved ergonomics, ease of use, and safety
  • Drop-down horseshoes for easy top-side access, as well as the fold-down and fully removable bottom panels
  • Spring-loaded side exit door for larger animals to exit and for sorting
  • Scale-ready and equipped to handle various load bar configurations
  • Rear vertical sliding tailgate with automatic locking that locks it in both the closed and fully open positions with safety stop at top
  • Rear tailgate release and side door release feature durable triangular pull handles hooked to pulleys at pivot points for ease of operation and durability
  • Grease fittings on all major pivot points
  • Entire unit is powder coated for corrosion resistance and long life in the field

Tarter Super Tubing Bail Feeder


  • Heavy-duty design
  • All upright tubes mitered and welded for strength and durability
  • Diagonal bars help save on hay
  • 18” spaces for larger cattle
  • Height 52”
  • 96” in diameter
  • 3-piece bolt together design for easier handling
  • Powder coat paint
  • Yellow

Tarter 3-Piece Heavy-Duty Bull Hay Feeder


  • 2" Round high-tensile strength steel tubing for feeding round bales to cattle in the toughest environments
  • S-bar design prevents calves from getting inside
  • 45" High & 8' diameter to accommodate large bales
  • 17" Metal hay saver to reduce waste
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • Not recommended for use with horses

Tarter ATV Chain Harrow w/ Drawbar


  • 4' by 4' chain harrow
  • 4' drawbar
  • Ideal for smoothing yards or garden soil and dragging driveways, riding tracks or arena footing
  • Attaches to garden tractors and ATVs
  • Metal teeth for grabbing soil or grading surface

Tarter 8' 3-Piece Horse Or Horned Cattle Hay Feeder W/ Loop Leg


  • Ideal for safe feeding of round bales to horses
  • Open top helps minimize hay waste while feeding
  • Loop legs that prevent sinking into the ground

Tarter 4' Goat Hay Rack


  • Ideal for feeding hay to goats and small animals
  • Easy to set up, easy to store, and sized to place feed in wire mesh at the ideal height for goats or small animals
  • Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel

Tarter Barbed Wire Unroller


  • The heavy-duty, powder coated 2" receiver wire unroller is perfect for tough fencing jobs in tight places
  • This fencer's helper handles an entire roll of fencing wire and allows your tractor or truck to do the work of a crew
  • This product features an easy-to-mount design
  • As an ATV unroller it comes with a multi-receiver hitch that fits all ATVs with factory hitches
  • As a 2" receiver unroller it works with a standard 2" receiver hitch
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat yellow

Tarter Carry All


  • Carry All is a very handy, versatile piece of equipment for the farmer with small moving needs
  • A variety of platforms can be constructed to fit any situation
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat gray finish
  • Category I pins are included with purchase

Tarter TMY Trailer Mover


  • 3-Point rear attach trailer mover
  • Handy for easy movement of empty gooseneck trailers, regular trailers, or farm wagons
  • Move trailers without raising the landing gear
  • 2" receiver accepts hitch for pin drop wagons or gall mount trailers

Tarter Sheeted Sweep System


  • Fully adjustable alleyway allows working animals of any size
  • Superior, rugged 7-bar design on system
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Tarter 36 Inch ATV Compact Disc


  • deal for tilling game plots and gardens quickly and efficiently
  • Adjustable tongue with 2″ ball hitch for easily pulling behind 4-wheelers
  • 10 notched blades for deep and maximum cutting
  • Heavy-duty 2″ square tube frame
  • Transport disc on 11″ wheels using the easy center mount crank jack
  • 36″ operating width
  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Tarter C" Tine One Row Cultivator


  • Designed for family gardening and smaller farming operations
  • Useful in preparing garden soil, planting beds and cultivating for weed control
  • May also be used to remove mulch and undergrowth
  • Six cultivator tines with 1-3/4" x 10" long reversible curved points
  • Cultivator is rated for tractors less than 50 horsepower

Tarter RTY5/RTGR5 Rotary Tiller


  • 5' tiller
  • Perfect for cultivating, tilling and stirring up soil for gardens, food plots, and other tillage needs
  • Units work efficiently from 25-50 HP tractors (depending on tiller size)
  • Easily switch between forward and reverse rotation

Tarter BPGR 3 Pt Lift Boom Pole


  • Boom Pole is a handy picker-upper for the farmer
  • It is ideal for many tasks including loading items onto trailers, pulling up old fence posts or other lifting chores
  • Two different lifting loops for extra capacity
  • Category I pins are included
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat gray
  • Dimensions: 85" x 32" x 26"

Tarter Suby Subsoiler


  • Designed for deep breakage of hard, low ground where water accumulates
  • Water will drain easily after one pass
  • Not to exceed 35 HP rated tractors

Tarter Palpation Cage


  • Optional unit configured to fit both the CattleMaster Chutes
  • High-sheeted doors with heavy square tubing to block animal views
  • Features dual-access doors from each side with heavy-duty, spring-loaded slam latches
  • Both doors open into alley and latch, forming a protective barrier from the animals in the alley
  • Grease fittings on all pivot points
  • Durable powder coat finish

Tarter 4' Box Blade Sub-Compact


  • Ideal for working gravel, topsoil, mulch, manure and more
  • Heavy-duty steel rear-mount box blades help retain product being worked
  • Equipped with a fixed front and rear replaceable steel cutting edge
  • Not to exceed 25 HP rated tractors
  • Replaceable 1/2? thick blades
  • Adjustable ripper shanks
  • Category 1 hookup and Category 0 spacing for sub-compact tractors (Category 1 pins included)
  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • Unit height: 32"
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Width 49 1/2"
  • Length: 28"

Tarter 20-Blade 7' Tillage Disc


  • 3-Point rear attach tillage disc used to prepare soil for planting
  • Heavy-duty box frame with 10-18" x 3mm notched blades, 10-18" x 3mm smooth blades, and heavy-duty sealed bearings

Tarter Tarter Cattlemaster Automatic Headgate


  • Perfect for medium/large herds
  • Operates smoothly by a single operator
  • Adjusts from calves to bulls
  • Grease fittings at critical points
  • Positive latching with in/out rotating door
  • Reversible controls allow it to be operated from either side
  • Adjustable bottom to accommodate various animal sizes
  • Constructed of quality heavy-duty 2-3/8″ tubular steel
  • Overhead bar prevents accidental release of automatic headgate
  • Available in powder coat red only for superior corrosion protection