Tenax 5 Results


Tenax 2" x 100' Fence


  • Use as a visual barrier or safety fence
  • Made in the USA with 100% selected materials
  • 5 plus years of use

Tenax Guardian Safety Fence


  • Guardian is a lightweight visual barrier suited for use around construction sites or in crowd-control applications
  • A highly noticeable barrier with oval mesh openings
  • UV protected
  • Not recomended to use as snow fence

Tenax Deer Fence Roll


  • Deer fence is durable and weather resistant
  • Bi-oriented polypropylene is a safe and humane way to keep deer out of landscaped areas and gardens
  • Black mesh is lightweight and strong
  • Deer fence measures 84" x 100' roll

Tenax Snow Fence

$21.99 - $24.99

  • Economical snow fence
  • Can be used effectively in various commercial and residential applications and settings
  • 4' x 50' roll

Tenax Sno-Guard Snow Fence


  • Tenax Sno-Guard snow fence is our most economical snow fence
  • Used effectively in various commercial and residential applications
  • Made of high density polyethylene and features circular openings
  • Drift control-mesh design optimized for slowing wind
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Size: 4' x 100'