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Syrvet Calf Ratchet Type Puller


  • Nickel-plated rods for positive ratchet action
  • Easy clean up
  • Safe to use

Cotran Corporation Puller,Calf Zig-Zag Chrome Plated


  • The calf puller is used when calving becomes difficult
  • Heavy gauge 100% zinc plated components for long rust free operation
  • The zigzag action makes the puller easy to operate
  • Shaft extension can be added before or while calving for extra length

Rhinehart Dehorner X-30


  • Comes with a standard 8 ft cord
  • Maintains steady 900-950 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Recovers between applications in seconds
  • For use in calves and goats

Rhinehart Dehorner X-40


  • 96" Cord Length
  • Rugged and dependable
  • This 165 watt dehorner accepts all Rhinehart adapter tips for various applications
  • 950 degrees Fahrenheit gets your job done fast

Ideal Instruments Mega Shot 50cc Rubber Plunger Syringe


  • Dosage dial
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Includes:
    • One Ideal NeedleGard

AGRI-PRO Syringe Kit


  • Popular syringe kit great for the hobby farmer
  • From ISL Animal Health
  • 12.5 ml

Ideal Instruments 50CC Pistol Grip Syringe


  • Luer lock tip and plastic barrel
  • Color-coded handles reduce confusion

Ape Hanging Scale

$41.99 - $54.99

  • Multi-use farm scale

KAMAR Heatmount Detector


  • Use this product to indicate when breeding has occurred
  • When the animals breed they will rupture the color marker making it clear that mating has occurred

Bovikalc Calcium Supplement - 4 Count


  • 4 count per package
  • For use in freshening cows
  • Bolus formulation that acts as a calcium supplement
  • Provides for both fast and extended sustained serum calcium levels
  • Designed to minimize irritation
  • Easy to administer

Decker Hog Catcher


  • 23" Long heavy duty hog catcher
  • The strong Hog Catcher has 23" long heavy aviation cable snare
  • Catcher is 35" long

DC&R Gallon Disinfectant


  • Kills Gram-negative & Gram-positive bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Active ingredients: tris nitro, ammonium chloride, formaldehyde
  • Kills organisms on contact

Syrvet Hog Catcher


  • Made of heavy metal with hand grips and self-locking device
  • Replaceable cable

Prima Pour On Gun, 70 mL, Adjustable Dose


  • Dosage adjusts from 10 ml to 70 ml in 2 ml increments
  • Clear poly barrel is marked with proper pour-on cattle wormer dosage up to 1540 lbs
  • Anti-splash nozzle reduces waste
  • Comes with standard pour-on nozzle and 5' draw off tubing

AGRI-PRO Bottle Syringe


  • Ergonomically designed with original v-grip
  • From ISL Animal Health
  • 6 ml

New Vienna Metal Works Cowlift


  • Rubber padded stirrups to minimize scraping cow's hips
  • Movable parts sealed and permanently lubricated
  • No exposed threads to rust or get damaged
  • Bronze bearing allows easy tightening
  • Easily adjusts from smallest heifer to largest cow
  • Highly approved by veterinarians¬†

Syrvet Metal Balling Gun


  • Aids in administration of boluses
  • 26 mm/1.04" Inner diameter

Neogen 50cc Pistol Grip Chrome Syringe


  • Featuring a professional design for precise readings
  • Dosage system can be set easily
  • One-piece polypropylene barrel system
  • Doses from 1cc to 5 cc
  • Wider handle design ensures better grip
  • Durable chrome plated metal alloy
  • Includes free washer kit

AGRI-PRO Agri-Pro Disposable 12 Milliliter Syringes


  • Economical syringes feature large finger flange for a no-slip grip
  • Easy-to-read calibrations
  • Individually wrapped, sterile and latex-free
  • Luer lock tip

Mwi Veterinary Supply Gun Dispenser For Ivomec Pour On


  • Merial Pour-On Gun is faster and easier than any other gun
  • More accurate dosing
  • Smoother dosing action
  • Treats up to a 1,430 lb animal with one dose
  • Exclusively for use with 2.5L, 5L and 20L IVOMEC and EPRINEX Pour-On wormers

Coburn Yellow Hycar Nitrile Apron - 36" x 45"


  • This product has a great performance, quality and price. Use indoors and outdoors. Kills fleas, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles and other crawling insects. Insects that come in contact with or ingest purr defense diatomaceous earth die within 48 hours. Insects cannot become immune to its action. Manufacturer: MANNA PRO-FARM
  • High fat and calorie levels for weight gain and body condition
  • Manufacturer: MANNA PRO-FARM
  • Manufacturer part number: 08-0711-0209
  • Promotes optimal digestion

Vets Plus Medi Gun Gel Paste Applicator


  • Movable pin to adjust the dosage to 5g or 10g for applications
  • Works with standard 300g gel or paste tubes
  • All-metal construction for durability and ease of use

Kwazar Compression Sprayer 1.5 Liter


  • Easy to use compression action