Zecol 15 Results


Zecol Mineral Spirits Solvent, 5gal


  • General-purpose medium dry solvent formulated to assure compatibility with high grade lacquers
  • Conforms to all air pollution regulations
  • An excellent parts cleaner and degreaser
  • Not acceptable for thinning automotive lacquers

Zecol Transmission Sealant


  • Manufactured by Zecol

Zecol RV Antifreeze


  • Up to -50 degrees burst protection
  • Proprietary corrosion inhibitor blend; proven for over 10 years
  • 1 Gallon

Zecol Zecol Gas Treatment - 12 oz


  • Cleans entire fuel system and helps improve mileage
  • Stops rough idling and helps improve engine performance and power
  • Specially formulated to remove harmful gum and varnish from entire fuel system
  • Fights gas-line freeze in severe winter temperatures
  • Safe for all gasoline engines
  • Available in-store only¬†

Zecol Fuel Injector Cleaner Concentrate


  • Designed to correct problems caused by clogged or dirty fuel injectors
  • Helps eliminate stalls, rough idle, hesitation and mileage loss by cleaning the entire fuel system
  • 12 oz

Zecol Power Steering Fluid - 12 oz


  • Available in store only - pickup OK
  • Promotes smooth system operation and protects against wear
  • Helps stop squeals, protects against foaming, rusting and oxidation
  • Guards against pump squeal even at very low temperatures
  • Mixes with all other power steering fluids
  • Meets standard service requirements for most GM, Ford, Chrysler and foreign automobiles
  • Available in store only - pickup OK

Zecol Liquid Carb & Fuel Injector Cleaner


  • Dissolves gum, varnish and deposits from carburetor and fuel injectors
  • Helps increase gas mileage
  • Reduces stalling and rough idling
  • Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen-sensors

Zecol Power Steering Fluid 32 oz


  • Provides smooth performance, protects against foaming, rusting and oxidation
  • Guards against wear and pump squeal even at very low temperatures
  • Mixes with all other power steering fluids
  • Promotes smooth system operation
  • Helps stop squeals

Zecol Fuel Additive and Cleaner


  • Restores performance
  • Made with Jet fuel
  • Fights knock and ping due to auto-ignition
  • Reduces need for higher octane fuels

Zecol Car Wash Gallon


  • Zecol Car Wash
  • Concentrated car wash
  • Formulated to wash away bugs, dirt and grime
  • Clean rinsing for a spot-free shine
  • Enough for 60 car washes

Zecol Carb and Choke Cleaner 10 oz


  • Removes dirt, grease and grime from carburetors, PCV systems, automatic chokes and heat risers
  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Powerful Turbo-Spray valve works quickly and thoroughly
  • Evaporates completely with no residue

Zecol Brake Fluid Dot 3


  • Provides protection against brake failure from vapor lock and helps prevent corrosion in brake systems
  • Protects against brake failure
  • Helps prevent corrosion
  • Safe for use in both disc and drum brake systems

Zecol Windshield Washer Fluid Antifreeze and De-Icer


  • Power blast protects washer equipment to temperatures as low -20F to cover almost any winter condition
  • All-season formula eliminates the need to change product from season to season